• Capture failed with ZCU102 with FMC-MULTICAM4 using 19.2 version


    I am working on MULTICAM4. I ported my design to 19.2 version from https://xterra2.avnet.com/xilinx/vitis_embedded_platform_source/zcu102/zcu102_mc4

    I am unable to capture the video data. I am getting following error.

    Setting pipeline to PAUSED ...


  • Unable to capture video data with Vivado20.1 bit file with FMC MULTI-CAM4

    I have ported the reference design to Vivado 20.1 and generated the bit file. But i have not updated any drivers on kernel. I am  Unable to get  the data with Vivado version 20.1 generated bit file.

    If i change the bit file from 20.1 to 18.3 version data…

  • Exposure HDR values for AR0231AT camera sensor in FMC MULTICAM4

    AR0231AT camera sensors module can set in following exposure modes



  • Video clock for FMC MULTICAM4 reference design



    I am working on ZCU102 with FMC MULTICAM4 with the reference design provided here.

    I have few questions

    1. why are we using/how do we calculate that line rate in MIPI…