• UltraScale+ EV, General questions regarding the Cortex R5F



    I have a few questions regarding the real-time cores (Cortex R5F) on the UltraScale+ EV:)


    • Can the real-time cores run independently from the rest of the SoC?
    • Do the real-time cores can have access to the SD card and CAN peripherals?
    • Can the real-time…
  • Does Avnet RFSoC Explorer support the transmission at multiple DACs and reading at multiple ADCs at the same time?

    I did some tests of Avnet RFSoC Explorer in Matlab for ZCU111. It seems that every time I can only configure the transmission at one DACs. Even when I turned on multiple DACs and set up their waveforms, I can only capture signals at one ADC, corresponding…

  • How to use the AES_LPA_502_G board



    We purchased ZCU111 Xilinx FPGA evaluation board with its daughterboard (XM500). We sent a tone through XM500 to the ZCU111 and saw the spectrum on the RF GUI provided by Xilinx. Later we purchased two AES-LPA-502-G daughter board from Avnet. Then…

  • Does RFSoC Explorer have an API for programmatic access in MATLAB & Simulink

    I am looking for API access to RFSoC Explorer that I can use to write MATLAB scripts (or Simulink models) for automated testing, such as download DAC waveform, start capture, upload ADC waveform.

  • How do I synchronize transmit and receive capture with RFSoC Explorer?

    The requirement is to synchronize an ADC capture coincident with the start of DAC transmission.

    Is there a way to do this with RFSoC Explorer?

  • Is there a free trial for the required MathWorks software?

    Yes. MathWorks offer a Free MATLAB Trial Package for Wireless Communications




  • Avnet RFSOC MATLAB Application

    I already have a ZCU111 Eval Kit with the XM500 card. Can I only get the RFSOC Explorer application?

  • Are traces lengths matched on AES-LPA-502-G?

    Yes, trace lengths are matched per channel. Summary below:


    • all ADC channels were matched to each other
    • all DAC channels were matched to each other
    • all diff pairs were matched to each other
    • ADC channels do *not* match DAC channels ~ about 1” difference
  • When will Avnet RFSoC Explorer be available?

    When will the Avnet RFSoC Explorer for Matlab/Simulink application be available (via the Matlab Add-On Explorer)?

    Will it be compatible with the AES-LPA-502-G breakout board as well as the Qorvo card?

  • Can the Qorvo RF card be purchased stand alone?

    This question has already popped up several times. The answer is YES!

    See the accessories section at the bottom of the UltraScale+ RFSoC Dev Kit .

  • Avnet RFSoC reference design github location

    The Qorvo 2-channel RF front end 1.8 GHz card user's guide claims that there is a reference design in github at:




    But I'm getting a 404.


    Please let me know where the github location is, and/or update the userguide…

  • Help in this regard


    My question is, I want to start learning e-learning from scratch and gradually build new projects by learning the rules and relationships. I am an electronics engineer and I live in Iran, but I do not have enough information about electronics and I…