• AES-FMC-HDMI-CAM on Xilinx KCU105

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    We are trying to use the AES-FMC-HDMI-CAM on a Xilinx KCU105 development board.


    We have drivers for the ADI ADV7511 on the KCU105 itself that run on a MicroBlaze in the design and have successfully configured that device.


    We took that driver and modified…

  • "apt-get" package for MicroZed



    I have MicroZed7010 board. I have used petalinux tool with bsp for creating bootable image and I boot my card from sd card. I have included some packages to root filesystem by using "petalinux-config -c rootfs". I could not find "apt" or "apt-get"…

  • MIMO signal transmission using ZCU208


    I just received the ZCU208 and I want to use it for a demo transmitting a MIMO signal from DDR using the 8 DACs synchronously.

    As I understand, RFSoC Explorer does not support this, but from the Matlab FileExchange page I was referred to HDL Coder:…

  • Ultra96V2 with mipi adapter v2.4

    I cannot access my ov5645 through IIC2.This is my code:

    iic_conf = XIicPs_LookupConfig(IIC_cam);
    XIicPs_SetSClk(&iic_cam, IIC_SCLK_RATE);
    SendBuffer[0] = 0x4;
        Status = XIicPs_MasterSendPolled…

  • X Windows to LVDS LCD Display

    Software: Vivado 2019.1, Petalinux 2019.1/

    Hardware: Avnet UltraZED-7EV


    I have a project where I need to get an LVDS LCD display working to use as an X-Windows screen.

    Progress to date:

    - The system also has a DisplayPort video stream and that works under…

  • ZedBoard gerber files


    I would like to know if it is possible to download the Zedboard gerber files from any source/webpage.

    I already have the DXF file and the schematic, but I would like to know how DDR3 memory is routed.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Have a nice day…

  • USB to I2C communication


    I am currently developping a board to evaluate if the FPGA XC7Z020 is valid for our product. To do that I am using the ZedBoard.

    In my PCB, I have placed several devices which use I2C communication. My question is: is there any way to communicate…

  • BOOT.BIN for Ultrazed EV Carrier board

    Is there a boot.bin file that I can get that has the all the IO on the carrier board working?





  • MicroZed SD Card boot problem

    Hello all,


    I am trying to build custom Linux for MicroZed 7010 by using Petalinux 2018.3. I would like to boot it from sd card. I have installed Petalinux and I have only changed INITRAMFS mode to SD card mode from "petalinux-config" . Than I have compiled…

  • Question regarding Picozed SDR Development Kit


    I was wondering if the Avnet ZedBoard 7020 is compatible with other Analog Devices FMC module other than the AD-FMCOMMS2-EBZ ?

    For example, could we use AD-FMCDAQ2-EBZ instead of AD-FMCOMMS2-EBZ ?

    The reason behind that is that I want to plug…

  • AES-ZCU208-DTRX2-SK-G capabilities

    Good day


    We are looking for a system that can provide fast base-band processing. How wide (MHz/GHz) is the OFDM subcarrier generation capacity of the platform? Can it generate 100MHz+ OFDM subcarriers? Will the AES-ZCU208-DTRX2-SK-G

    work well for this…

  • Development tool chain to be used to compile and deploy code onto UltraZed-EG™︎ SOM - MPSoC XCZU3EG from Simulink ?

    Hello community,


    We would like to know what would be the tools chain to be used to build Simulink models and to deploy the generated code from Simulink to the UltraZed-EGTm SOM - MPSoC XCZU3EG (MCU + FPGA) ?


    Actually we are looking for something similar to…

  • Zynq 7000 Flash Compatibility

    Dear Sir:


           I would like to verify the compatibility of the flash, non-volatile, memory that I plan to interface with my Zynq 7000 Avnet Zedboard.


           I plan to use a Micron, serial, NOR, flash - N25Q256A.


           UG908  asserts that the Micron, manufacturer family…

  • Vitis 2020.1 DEBUG memory monitor window problem

    Dear Sir:

          I am running a program in Vitis 2020.1 that is loading data into BRAM.   However, when I look at my data at the BRAM address location using the Vitis memory monitor, a question mark appears where my data should be.   Please see the "screenshot"…

  • How to prevent copy/cloning of exe file in the SD card?


    We are using a Zedboard with an FMCOMMS3 ( from analog devices) for a detector system. The executable file for standalone mode is in the SD card of the Zedboard. We are planning to send the detector for customer trials and evaluation.


    How do we…

  • How to prevent copy/cloning of exe file in the SD card?


    We are using a Zedboard with an FMCOMMS3 ( from analog devices) for a detector system. The executable file for standalone mode is in the SD card of the Zedboard. We are planning to send the detector for customer trials and evaluation. 


    How do we…

  • Capture failed with ZCU102 with FMC-MULTICAM4 using 19.2 version


    I am working on MULTICAM4. I ported my design to 19.2 version from https://xterra2.avnet.com/xilinx/vitis_embedded_platform_source/zcu102/zcu102_mc4

    I am unable to capture the video data. I am getting following error.

    Setting pipeline to PAUSED ...


  • Unable to capture video data with Vivado20.1 bit file with FMC MULTI-CAM4

    I have ported the reference design to Vivado 20.1 and generated the bit file. But i have not updated any drivers on kernel. I am  Unable to get  the data with Vivado version 20.1 generated bit file.

    If i change the bit file from 20.1 to 18.3 version data…

  • MiniZed support package for Simulink requires Vivado and SDK 2017?

    Hi All,


    I'm trying to install Simulink support for the MiniZed board to try out the Mathworks development workflow. in the "Avnet MiniZed Support Package for Simulink\doc\GettingStarted.mlx document it says that the support package requires Vivado and…

  • How Can I reload the original demo program/FPGA configuration that came installed on my MiniZed board?

    Does anyone know where I would find the original bitstream and demo code that came pre-installed on the MiniZed board?


    Thanks in advance for the help and best regards,

    Tom Miller

  • MicroZed Avnet product confusion

    Hi, I tried multiple times to reach an engineer at Avnet but was finally directed here so maybe I can find some answers. We began developing a product roughly a year and a half ago using AES-Z7MB-7Z010-G. To my understanding this is the part number for…

  • Vintage Reticon SAD-1024A

    Looking for the hard to find Reticon sad-1024a chip . Yes i know they are expensive, my question is  i have found  ( on ALIBABA ) CHEAP priced Reticon sad-1024 chips on various sites,and i stress they are marked RETICON SAD-1024 , NO " A " IS ON THE CHIP…

  • JTAG not working with ZedBoard+FMC Ethernet card



    I'm trying to use a ZedBoard with an Avnet FMC Ethernet card (https://www.avnet.com/shop/us/products/avnet-engineering-services/aes-fmc-netw1-g-3074457345635205181/ ), using the on-board Digilent USB-JTAG device. When the FMC card is connected…

  • ZedBoard Pmod Headers Not Working

    Hi All,


    I am working with a ZedBoard trying to test the output functionality of the Pmod headers. The Pmod headers on this ZedBoard have worked in the past, however, when I try to work with them now it appears that they do not transmit any output data…

  • License issues

    When I bought the UltraZed-EV development board I was told that the software license that comes with it would work with the 2018 / 2019 version of Vivado in perpetuity. However, I went back to the board after putting it down for a long while and the license…