• MicroZed Availability and Lead Times



    We are currently using 20 MicroZeds in our organization, and have a quote to purchase 80 additional MicroZeds. Unfortunately, they are out of stock and the lead times for both the Commercial and Industrial 7020 versions are listed at "52 weeks"…

  • MicroZed bootable image from Sd card


    We are using Avnet Microzed 7010 board. We would like boot the from sd card and we would like to have some packages like gcc and python packages. I have downloaded the sd card image archive from this website and I copied the image files to sd card…

  • Structure Needs Cleaning Errors

    Hi All,


       We are using microZED SOM along with AVNET FMC carrier card in one of our industrial products.

    We are running a linux based system. In lab conditions the setup works fine. In industrial environment we are experiencing "Structure Needs Cleaning…

  • MicroZed compatibility  AES-Z7MB-7Z020-SOM-G/REV-G vs  AES-Z7MB-7Z020-SOM-G/REV-H

    Hello All,


    On the AVNET website they show the same ZynQ part ZC7Z010 for both versions of the MicroZed. Can someone please confirm that this is a typo on the "AES-Z7MB-7Z020-SOM-G/REV-H"?


  • MBCC Vadj with Microzed 7010 - conflicting rails

    Hi everyone,


    I looking for some clarification as to the possibility of a damaged board or if its within specs:


    My 7010 SOC is attached to the Microzed FMC MBCC carrier card. Bank 34 and  35 is supplied with VADJ that is jumpered to 1.8V.

    Without the SOC…

  • PWM and Timer capture implementation on Microzed boards



    We have some technically query’s with regarding to implementation of certain peripherals in ZynQ 7020 based Microzed development board.


    We have requirement to implement 11 PWM of 16 bit resolution

    And 8 Time capture of 16 bits Resolution to measure…

  • Heat sink or fan sink for AES-Z7MB-7Z020-SOM-I-G?

    Does anyone have recommendations for a heat sink or fan sink on MicroZed Zynq AES-Z7MB-7Z020-SOM-I-G?



  • How can I tell which revision of the schematic applies to my board?

    Hello uZed Forum!


    I don't see a clear revision marking silkscreened on the board, but maybe I'm missing something. I'll attach a pic...


    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.



  • MicroZed 7020 preset not working in Vivado 2020.2

    I believe I have correctly installed the MicroZed 7020 V1.2 board files into Vivado 2020.2 as shown in this screenshot

    Installation path is C:\Xilinx\Vivado\2020.12\data\boards\board_files\microzed_7020.


    I know this worked because I was able to select…

  • MicroZed TFTP boot


    How do I change the TFTP boot server in uBoot please?



    Zynq> setenv serverip

    Zynq> printenv serverip


    Zync> saveenv

    Saving Environment to SPI Flash... Erasing SPI flash...Writing to SPI flash...done




  • No regulation at VADJ in Microzed FMC carrier board when SOC plugged in

    Hi everyone,


    I've recently designed our own custom Microzed carrier board that uses the 7020 boards that we purchased last year (so no errata's from Microzed apply to them I believe).


    The in-house carrier board design models the same schematic layout…

  • PetaLinus 2019.2 device-tree failed to build for MicroZed platform

    I am very new to Vivado, Vitis, and PetaLinux, but have managed to design embedded user code for the Zynq 7Z020 PS that communicates directly to the PL on a MicroZed platform.  There are only a few items of note:

    1.  I am using the 2019.2 revisions of Vivado…

  • Microzed7020+FMC carrier, Vivado+Petalinux 2019.2 - SD card boot, porting a working project from Digilent Arty Z7-20

    I am trying to port a working Zynq 7000 project from the Digilent Arty Z7-20 to a Microzed 7020. So far I have done the following steps:


    Load the board definition file from the avnet/bdf repo:


    My first question here is whether…

  • VCCIO_EN and PWR_EN Shutdown Sequencing for Custom Carrier Card



    I am in the process of making a custom carrier card for MicroZed. I have a question on the proper shutdown sequencing order, the MicroZed Carrier Design Guide reads on pg. 17  "To enable power to the MicroZed, PWR_EN must be pulled high. PWR_EN is…

  • How to force standard speed mode for MicroZed connected to eMMC (2018.2) ?



    I need some help:


      MicroZed onto custom carrier board

      Custom carrier has eMMC device Sandisk SDINBDG4-8G, connected to SDIO1 controller using EMIO.

      tools Vivado/Petalinux 2018.2 (started with mz7010_fmccc_2018_2.bsp)

      boot from SD-card



  • microZed received without microSD...

    I bought a microZed card. It was delivered without cable and especially without SD card. Is this normal?

    What is the procedure for programming an SD card (I'm on Win10 with Vivado 2019.2, the card reference is AES-Z7MB-7Z020-SOM-G / REV-G)?


  • Connecting I2C peripheral to EMIO Bank 13 on MicroZed Z7020

    I would like to connect the I2C peripheral to EMIO Bank 13 pins on Microzed Z7020 board. All examples seems to leave steps out.

    Has anyone accomplished this and can share the Block Design along with the Constraints?


  • Position Microheaders Microzed



    I'm trying to design a custom footprint for a custom Microzed carrier card in KICAD.

    I would like some help on the finding the actual position/spacing of the microheaders JX1 and JX2 on the Microzed.


    I find 3 numbers in the Microzed documentation…

  • EOL duration for Microzed Boards


    Please confirm the EOL duration for Microzed boards especially the following part nos




    Thanks & Regards

  • Are You New to the MicroZed? Then You've Got To Read This MicroZed RoadTest Review

    Many of our old members haven't used the MicroZed or any of the other ZedBoards, so I am always looking for ways to interest them in the ZedBoard line. (See What Zedboard Do You Prefer Working With and Why?) The other day I happened to read a roadtest…

  • Potential Issue on PS_SRST# Signal (MicroZed)



    While Checking out MicroZed schematics (Rev.E), I noticed that the PS_SRST# signal is pulled up to 1.8V on Page 5. This signal is also connected to RST# pin of the SPI flash (U7), which is pulled up internally to 3.3V voltage (according to it's datasheet…

  • Microzed embedded linux with touchscreen

    Hello all,


    I have a microzed and the embedded vision carrier card since it has the hdmi out needed for a screen. My plan is to implement a touchscreen ui using Petalinux and QT that will read data over ethernet and display it on the screen and I'm looking…

  • MicroZed DK - AES-Z7MB-7Z010-G + Proximity Sensor


    We developed a project with the MicroZed Development Kit - AES-Z7MB-7Z010-G

    I would need a proximity sensor (equivalent to Maxim's "MAX44000PMB1" sensor) compatible with the board listed above.
    Attached the documentation we used to…