• PicoZED Carrier V2 USB UART Boot from flash

    I have a basic design with DRAM and UART1 configured in PS and PL LEDs with pattern Ah.  -> OK

    Zynq FSBL + Zynq DRAM tests application project in SDK --> OK

    Created BOOT.mcs (fsbl.elf, system.bit, dram_test.elf) -> OK

    Programmed the BOOT.mcs into…

  • Altium Schematic and Layout Files for PicoZed and FMC Carrier Card V2

    Does anyone know where I can find the Altium schematic and layout files for the 7030 PicoZed SOM and FMC Carrier Card V2 boards?

  • Issue: PicoZED fmc Carrier V2 USB UART

    Hello ,

    I am using Picozed SOM 7030 and FMC carrier v2 and booting petalinux application using SDcard, but i can connect it using USB-UART to monitor on serial terminal.

    I tried installing CP210X drivers for UBUNTU 16.04 it didn't work.

    I installed it…

  • issue : Picozed 7030 FMC carrier v2 Petalinux and SDK


    I am trying to implement quad- ethernet using Picozed FMC carrier v2 + SOM 7030 + ospero OP031-1V8 quad fmc.

    firstly i built the petalinux files as per this link