• Hardware Export after Vitis-example gives an error on PFM.IRQ


    I am trying to create an application project on Vitis again and import it on PYNQ.

    So I created the application by using avnet's automated 2020.1 oob script, then imported to Vitis  (build complete succesffully just not running on device the …

  • ON Semiconductor Dual Camera Mezzanine Support



    Does anyone know where I can find driver information for the ON Semi Mezzanine board?


    So far, I have followed the "Getting Started" document, running the Petalinux image and starting a preinstalled program that shows the camera feed on a monitor. I…

  • Bluetooth issue on Ultra96 V2 board (hci0 command 0x1001 tx timeout)



    I am trying to bring up the bluetooth on the ultra96 V2 board.


    We have tried oob image (http://avnet.me/ultra96-v2-oob) and PYNQ (http://avnet.me/ultra96v2-pynq-image-v2.5) images, and here is the findings:



    When it is not working we see this UART time…

  • Boot up Ultra96v2 v2.5 for Pynq image not working.

    I downloaded the Ultra96v2_v2.5 PYNQ image as described in this URL https://ultra96-pynq.readthedocs.io/en/latest/getting_started.html  and trying to boot up the board - but the boot up is not working.

    Unzipped it and copied the image to a Sandisk 16GB…

  • PYNQ V2.5 for Ultra96 Released!

    Hello Element14 Community,


    I am pleased to announce that PYNQ V2.5 for Ultra96 and is now officially released and is listed on the PYNQ.io site:


    PYNQ - Python productivity for Zynq - Board


    Here are the direct links to downloads images for Ultra96 V1 and…