• Ultra96 V2 Reverse Polarity

    To whom it may concern,

    While testing the Ultra96 V2, I accidentally reversed the polarity of the positive and negative leads and inserted them into the JP1 power terminal. Originally, we had moved the JT6 jumper on the back of the board so that it would…

  • Vivado 2019.1 Ultra96-V2 board along with the base BSP for petalinux 2019.1?

    Where can I get the base vivado (2019.1) project for the Ultra96-V2 board along with the base BSP for petalinux 2019.1?

  • Vitis vadd example hardware emulation on u96v2_sbc_dualcam exiting with error


    I successfully built the u96v2_sbc_dualcam design according to


    Now I want to add my own accelerator instead of…

  • Combined program between R5 and A53

    Hello there,

    Im very new to all of this, and I've just completed my first applications (hello world for A53 and R5).

    I want to know if there is a way to make the 2 processors talk with each other.

    for example, take input from user to R5 and sent it…

  • How to develop C based HLS complex PL systems on ZU+?

    Is C based Vivado high level synthesis a viable option to develop complex PL systems on Zynq? Does it have many limitations versus VHDL or Verilog?

  • Does Ultra96-V2 come with any video acceleration engine like codec?

    Does Ultra96-V2 come with any video acceleration engine like codec?

  • Current supported host OS and version for Xilinx tools?

    I'm worried about installing OS/App upgrades in case Vitis/Vivado won't work but on the other hand I'm worried about not installing updates to miss on security or bug fixes!  Do you have any advice?  I'm using a VM so I could take a snapshot…

  • Best way to start learning designing with Zynq UltraScale+?

    How to start learning? Start from HW followed by SW? Any list of knowledge to be learn "sequentially'"? Is it a one man show, and how long would it take?

  • Build R5 and PSU binaries without Vitis?

    Is it possible to build R5 and PSU binaries without Vitis?

  • I2C master that can provide SCK up to 1MHz?

    Is it possible to implement an i2c master block in Ultra96 that can provide SCK up to 1MHz?

  • Using Ultra96-V2 for DNN tasks?

    How do I judge whether Ultra96-V2 is able to cope for a certain DNN task? For example detecting vehicle and tracking at an intersection.  How to estimate its fps?

  • How to validate/verify my Vivado & Vitis install?

    What steps can I follow to validate/verify that my Vivado & Vitis tools are installed correctly?

  • Do I have to have a board definition to do a design in Vivado?

    I am new to Vivado and the Ultra96-V2 board.  Do I have to have a board definition to create my design?

  • Do I need both Vivado and Vitis?

    I plan on creating a design to run on the Ultra96-V2 board.  Do I need both the Vivado and Vitis tools for this?  How much do the tools cost?

  • Where can I find the default arch.json file for Ultra96-V2?



    Is there anywhere I could find an arch.json file for the Ultra96-V2 platform?

    I am running into some issues when doing inference with the platform and I need to find out If I'm using the correct one.

    I have not gonne into flow design to get a…

  • Ultra96v2 bricked

    Does anyone know what to do with such a case? Ultra96v2 stopped booting from an SD card, all LEDs turn on when pressing SW4 and then nothing happens. Looks like APU is not starting. Nothing is visible on the serial console. It's still possible to program…

  • Is the Ultra96v2 platform software available for Vitis 2020.1?

    I was trying to use the current platform software Ultra96-V2 – Vitis Platform 2019.2 in Vitis 2020.1 and it failed. Just wonder is there a new platform software for Vitis 2020.1?

  • Program ATMega of 96Boards Sensors

    I'm stuck trying to program the ATMega of the 96Boards Sensors. The manual asks for a Debian image that I think is not available for Ultra96-V2. I couldn't do anything with PetaLinux or the PYNQ image. Did anyone succeed on this?


    Thank you,



  • How do I execute sketches and direct Serial Output on Ultra96v2 ?

    I  want to be able to execute a simple "hello world" code on Ultra96v2 ?

    i was able to compile it, but don't know how to execute direct output.


    # cat helloworld.ino

    void setup() {




    void loop() {

      Serial.println ("hello"…

  • No DP video from Ultra96V2

    I have an Ultra96 V2. I have tried with two different SD card images. One is the original factory setup and the other is pynq. In neither case can I get any kind of output from the mini DP.


    I am using the cable that was recommended in the bundle that I…

  • Cannot run wifi.sh successfully, after making changes to wpa_supplicant.conf

    I am having a Ultra96-v2 and just flashed the image with the latest release as suggested in this link.


    Creating a Boot Image for Ultra96-v2 on a 16GB Sandisk Micro SD card.


    I did login and changed my credentials in the wpa_supplicant.conf and saved it.…

  • No DP output after booting.

    I'm using the stock linux image from the instruction manual to get the Ultra96 v2 started. I'm using the active DP to HDMI cable from amazon that was suggested. My ultra96 boots up and I see a message that it's starting to boot along with cursor. Then…

  • Ultra 96 v2 Spontaneous Failure?

    One of the Ultra 96 v2 boards I have worked fine for couple of hours, then suddenly it crashed while running Linux.


    Afterwards, I always get the following on the serial port:


    U-Boot 2018.01 (May 30 2019 - 17:43:24 +0000)


    Model: Avnet Ultra96 Rev1


  • Creating a Boot Image for Ultra96-v2 on a 16GB Sandisk Micro SD card.

    I got a new Ultra96-v2 device without the SD Card ( it was missing !).  So I am trying to create a bootable SD card.

    Noting the instructions in


    it says we need a 16GB micro SD…

  • Ultra96 Accessories

    Please use this topic to post any accessories that you have personally used and found to work with Ultra96.

    A list of compatible accessories is also available on the Docs page: Ultra96 Accessories