• Ultra96v2 vitis u96v2_sbc_dualcam version 2021.1 fails for step=xsa


    I try to build the xsa for the ultra96v2 vitis example (according to https://www.hackster.io/AlbertaBeef/stereo-face-detection-with-the-dual-camera-mezzanine-8c7baf#overview) but with vitis 2021.1 (on ubuntu 18.4.5 LTS which according to UG1400 should…

  • Pynq-overlay with custom xclbin



    We have purchased the Ultra96v2 board and we are trying to use Pynq with our custom OpenCL kernel code implemented in VITIS (output of .xclbin)


    We have downloaded the latest PYNQ SD card image (v2.6). We have build the Ultra96v2 platform using…

  • Hardware Export after Vitis-example gives an error on PFM.IRQ


    I am trying to create an application project on Vitis again and import it on PYNQ.

    So I created the application by using avnet's automated 2020.1 oob script, then imported to Vitis  (build complete succesffully just not running on device the …

  • Does using Vitis with the Ultra96 really require 32GB of host memory?

    I've been following the newly released Vitis toolset and thought I'd give it a try.   Unfortunately it specifies a minimum requirement of 32GB of system memory with 64GB recommended.  Does anyone know if this requirement holds for smaller parts like…

  • RTL-kernel wizard example not working on ultra96


    I am trying to run the rtl-kernel wizard example on the ultra96. Where the same example is running fine on zcu102 and zcu104.

    I am using the predefined avnet platform on Vitis, which I downloaded from your repository and I am running smoothly Vadd…

  • Vitis SW and HW Emulator (QEMU)


    I was trying to emulate Ultra96 on either Software or Hardware Emulation. I have to mention that Hardware is running correctly and I am downloading on the board without errors. Also SW and HW emulation on zcu102 and zcu104 is running fine too.