• Once and for all: WiFi on the Ultra96-v2 in a custom Petalinux build (please help)


    I represent a research group at University of Southern Denmark. We want to use the Ultra96-v2 for our work. Now we're at a point where we want to integrate our hardware design with high level software. Therefore, we are trying to run Ubuntu 20 on top…

  • Ultra slow wifi in Ultra96v2 (and other probs.)

    I have an Ultra96V2 and I am having similar problems to the ones experienced by



    PROBLEM #1

    Yes, when I am getting access to the ultra96v2 with the USB to JTAG/UART pod, I run…

  • wlcore warning on Ultra96 petalinux

    Hi everyone,

    I made a custom hardware, based on the Ultra96 BSP 2018.3 and booted the board with proper boot and rootfs files. As the Petalinux got loaded, I see a bunch of warnings repeating every 1 min with this format:


         wlcore: WARNING no fw rx ba on…