• Maximizing Vivado Efficiency with Board Awareness

    Element14 is hosting a webinar that will teach you how to create your own board definition that makes Vivado "board-aware" of your own custom board. Please join us live or watch the recording at your convenience! community.element14.com/...…

  • Vivado Boards List doesn't show ZedBoard

    Unable to set up Vivado 2021.1 to show ZedBoard in the list of boards when creating a Project.

    Please help.

  • Xilinx Hello world on PicoZed 7020 SOM


    I have been attempting to get the Hello world tutorial from Xilinx (UG1165) up and running on Zynq XC7Z020.

    I have following hardware configuration PicoZed 7020 SOM and PicoZed FMC Carrier Card Gen2.

    I have been following the aforementioned tutorial…