• Jack Detection Error in ADAU1761


    I am using ADAU 1761 audio codec in one of my projects and require to detect jack detection while working with both Line output  and headphone output (hpout). Whenever I enable jack detection and plug in headphone jack it switches off (mutes) the headphone…

  • Old Speedway Labs for Zedboard

    Hello All - About 5 or 6 years ago I took the online Speedway labs for Zedboard.  I was wondering if anyone knows if those labs including the original lab SW/starter project downloads are available somewhere.  I still have my Zedboard from back then and…

  • Unable to Connect to Zedboard Target in Vivado via JTAG (Not Micro USB)

    I need to use the JTAG header to program the Zedboard, since the microUSB connector is physically damaged.


    I cannot find any documentation or forums about how to use the JTAG connector for programming the FPGA, so I am going to ask for your help.


    I have…

  • Bluetooth issue with 1DX Murata module

    Hello everybody,


    I'm trying to enable Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity to the ZedBoard, using the 1DX Wi-Fi/BT module (LBEE5KL1DX-883)

    A complete tutorial has already been done here: Adding Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity to the ZedBoard using the…

  • Zedboard Rev.E Board Definition Files


    I want to make a FPGA project with Vivado 2020.1 for a Zedboard Rev.E. The included Board Definition Files in Vivado 2020.1 are in version 1.3 and 1.4 for Zedboard Rev.D. There are no Board Definition Files for the Zedboard Rev.E. With the Board…

  • Error getting 100MHz PL clock to interface with FPGA fabric [Place 30-69] Instance (IBUF driven by I/O terminal sys_clk) is unplaced after IO placer

    I am using a MiniZed Zedboard

    I have been having issues getting the clocks from the Zynq processing system to reach my FPGA HDL design. I ran into this same issue on another personal project, something small, and found some late-night solution that I have…

  • Zynq reads the internal temperature of the PHY chip.

    Hi folks:


    I am planning to write code on the PS (ARM) side to read the temperature of the PHY chip, namely, Marvell 88E1512 (eth0) on the zedboard, but to no avail.

    Datasheet of the Marvell 88E1512 chip states that one "can read the temperature from register_26_6…

  • JX3 Connector Pins Pulling Away From PCB

    I have two UltraZed boards where the JX3 connector pins have separated from the pcb board and have pulled up the solder pads.  I would like to do an RMA either to repair or replace the boards.



    Larry Wilson



  • Power Dissipation

    For the Picozed,  what is the power draw?  Also, what is the case to junction thermal rise in C/W for the Zynq-7000<

  • Zedboard Gerber Zip


    I'm currently designing a mezzanine card to mate to ZedBoard as the primary demonstration host controller and I have been asked by my layout designer to procure either the gerber files (not PDF) or DXF files for a minimum of the primary layers…

  • how to generate 500MHz clock in zedboard?

    how to generate 500MHz clock in zedboard?

  • Difficulty booting Ubuntu on Aedboard

    Hi, I currently have difficulty in getting Ubuntu running on my zedboard. I am using the tutorial 'Zedboard Ubuntu, Vivado 2013.4' which I obtained from | Zedboard . I'm using Vivado 2013.4 as well as CentOS8 as my Virtual machine with Windows…

  • Broadcom firmware not being put into rootfs as part of yocto recipe

    I have a Murata 1DX PMOD module that I'm trying to use with my Zedboard and PetaLinux 2020.2. Configuring the Zynq and instantiating the actual PetaLinux project went fine without a hitch, but after I've compiled the image and booted it up, the wifi driver…

  • Simulation Compile Library


    I am getting issues to generate xilinx compile simulation library using Vivado2020.2 for simulation tool ModelSim10.5c.

    Please help in generating the compile sim lib for Modelsim10.5c. Below is the snippet of error I get when below command is executed…

  • Implementation of a µSD card reader on zedboard



    I am new to the zedboard. since zedboard already has a USB OTG and a micro SD card slot can we program it to function as a standard µSD card reader which can then be connected to a host PC and can perform all the functions of a standard card reader…

  • Problem with interrupts with EMIO

    Hello everyone, recently I obtained a Zedboard and I downloaded this document from Xilinx: Zynq-7000 SoC: Embedded Design Tutorial from this link: https://www.xilinx.com/support/documentation/sw_manuals/xilinx2019_2/ug1165-zynq-embedded-design-tutorial…

  • Need Zedboard source code to drive outputs that test Maxim MAX11198 Eval kit



    I have a customer interested in this kit to evaluate a MAX11198 device:




    This is an FMC card and in the description, it says this board communicates to a PC through a Zedboard.  Can I get access…

  • Zedboard for sale

    Hi guys hope.you are all well. I have several of these zedboard available for sale. Brand new sealed with the liscence and software for £150 gbp price includes delivery. Payments is through paypal so safe for both parties. If anyone is interested in purchasing…