• Petalinux How to add a custom FSBL?

    Hi everyone.

    I am currently quite familiarized with the basic petalinux workflow. 

    I can say proudly that Ubuntu is running on a custom MPSoC board, but this is not enough. I need to find a way to modify the Petalinux FSBL to include the initialization…

  • Missing module files 4.14.78 (linux-headers-4.14.78)

    Hi Everyone,

    I am working on developing a kernel module. SO To compile,  I need to install the headers for the exact version of my kernel build(4.14.78).  I checked /lib/modules/ and there is a file named 4.14.78 in it. However, the build file in it is empty…

  • Build files missing for MaaXBoard Debian Linux

    In document "MaaXBoard Linux Development Guide V1.0-EN" (MaaXBoard-Linux-DG-V1.0)

    There are references to ZIP archives that have needed source code




    Of these, only the last, "03LinuxTools" is available for…

  • How to install Android on Zedbord?

    I search google find this topic, but this document is too old. could guys install Android on Zedboard?


  • eMMC init at Linux

    We have a problem when trying to enable the eMMC (soldered-chip)  at picozed (zynq zc702) evalutation board at Linux.

    The board is rev. E.

    We are using an HDF file from our firmware engineer which enabled the ps7_sd_0 and ps7_sd_1 entities. The good thing…

  • UltraZed-EV (zynqmp) not generating interrupts for GPIOs

    I'm testing software I'm writing for a custom target, using the UltraZedEV on the Avnet carrier card.  Particularly, I'm using the SW5 DIP switches to stand in for switches on the target which should trigger interrupts on the rising transition…

  • UltraZed-EG DisplayPort Problem



    I am trying to work with the DisplayPort on UltraZed IO Carrier Board but I have a problem in Linux Bootup.

    I tried binaries posted from Avnet here and it's working on my display with my board.
    I tried to use the scripts in Avnet but I failed…
  • Error building OOB Design in ISE 14.4


    I am trying to build the out-of-box design myself, so I can modify it.

    I tried to follow this guide, but cannot generate the bitstream using xilinx platform studio that came with ISE 14.4 (The version that was used in the guide). I get the following…

  • Broadcom firmware not being put into rootfs as part of yocto recipe

    I have a Murata 1DX PMOD module that I'm trying to use with my Zedboard and PetaLinux 2020.2. Configuring the Zynq and instantiating the actual PetaLinux project went fine without a hitch, but after I've compiled the image and booted it up, the wifi driver…

  • Problem installing the OS on a microzed 7020


    I have a problem with installing OS on a microzed 7020. I tried to install OS on this guide: https://github.com/SDU-Embedded/linux_zynq/wiki/Installing-Linux-on-the-MicroZed  .

    But after installation, I have problems getting a dynamic ip. To solve…

  • Remotely booting Linux on Zedboard over Ethernet



    I am currrently working on developing a distribution of Linux( mostly CentOS or Peta) to deploy over all Zedboards required by our organisation in some data acquisition applications. We are still in early stages, booting currently over SD card.…