• Macros missing from xparameters.h when using AXI Timer


    I needed to use to PWM from the AXI Timer IP. I designed a simple block diagram, exported the hardware to work on it on SDK. Looking at the example given for the PWM using the Timer IP, SDK pointed out some errors with the code. I fixed some by m…

  • Register Definitions

    Hello All,


    I'm trying to get back to learning FPGAs and how to program them. The issue I'm having is understanding were to find the information to interact with the FPGA side. I wanted to create a basic program where I have an AND or some other basic…

  • Cant run iperf (wifi) test from "Minized Getting started guide"

    Hi There,


    I've run all the steps in the "minized getting started guide" section 8 "WI-FI" and I can't get the  performance test to run when I issue the command '"perf3 -c" from my windows host computer. Note below…

  • Importing/Porting MiniZed Artifacts to Vivado/Vitis 2020.2 and Future Releases?



    I just purchased a MiniZed board and found the very interesting reference designs for it here: http://zedboard.org/support/design/18891/146. However, all of them were made/tested with Vivado releases much older than the current 2020.2 one, some…

  • Error getting 100MHz PL clock to interface with FPGA fabric [Place 30-69] Instance (IBUF driven by I/O terminal sys_clk) is unplaced after IO placer

    I am using a MiniZed Zedboard

    I have been having issues getting the clocks from the Zynq processing system to reach my FPGA HDL design. I ran into this same issue on another personal project, something small, and found some late-night solution that I have…

  • Cannot run Hello World

    Hello, I recently got myself a MiniZed board, and I'm taking my first steps learning to use it. I work an an Ubuntu machine, and I have installed the Xilinx Vitis 2020.1 unified platform.


    I managed to create a project on Vivado and open on Vitis, although…

  • minized doesn't detect usb 2019.1

    Hi there,


    I'm new to petalinux.  I'm using petalinux 2019.1 and am following the Avnet Petalinux Lab2.  I'm stuck on step 10 of AvnetTTC_Minized_Petalinux_lab2_2019p1_v1.pdf- where it asks me to mount /dev/sda*.  I'm finding that there are no…

  • Trying to build a Vivado bitstream for the minized+Petalinux

    Hi all,

    I am trying to find a .bsp file that will create a bitstream to use with PetaLinux.

    I tried minzed_ttc_2019_1.bsp

    When I open the project I get a number of missing vhdl modules which I found on the Avnet github site.

    However I have not been able to…

  • MicroZed microSD card image archive failing virus scan

    I tried to down load the archive from this page, but it seems to be failing the on-site virus scan. I've tried a few times with the same result.

    MicroZed Linux microSD Card Image Archive


    Error message:

    There was an error during the virus scan. A previous…

  • Petalinux - MiniZed packages not visible rootfs



    I have small problem with visibility of meta-user packages.


    I have copied all "project-spec/meta-user/*" files from BSP 2019.1 to 2019.2 and I can't see any new fields in "petalinux-config -c rootfs", but if I add contents of "/project-spec/meta…

  • Minized SDSoC platform 2019.1 not visible

    Hello everybody!

    I have tried to create Minized Platform for SDSoC 2019.1 but with no luck.

    I have imported and updated Minized project with Wi-Fi and BT hardware, upgraded ip's eliminated errors, generated hdf file for platform.

    Created petalinux project…

  • MiniZed Development Process Help



    I would like some help determining the development process for the MiniZed. Essentially, I am trying to create my own custom verilog code as well as C code, while still having petalinux and WiFi functionality. Currently I am trying my best to follow…

  • PYNQ image for Minzed

    Is there a script or minimal PYNQ image for Minized?

    Customizing or compiling from scratch Petalinux takes literally half a day on medium laptop.


    Also I noticed on Minzed forum the BSP for 2018.3 is missing some files and does not work.

  • PMOD TD114 TDNext Camera and Vivado 2018.3

    Does anyone have a working Vivado 2018.3 Pmod TDNext TD114 Camera project they are willing to share?

    The posted reference designs and demos will no longer work with Vivado 2018.3 One of the video IPs is locked and says it's no longer available or upgradable…

  • MiniZed - Unable to get HelloWorld to Run



    I am attempting to run the Hello World application - first setting up the Zynq in Vivado 2020.2 and then running the standard Hello World C application through Vitis 2020.2. Following this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mb-cStd4Tqs&ab_channel…

  • Minized UART0 EMIO

    Hello - I want to connect a Telemetry Radio with a 4-wire Serial Communication port (RX,TX, RTS, and CTS) to Minized. To accomplish it, I am using UART0 (Serial1 as alias in Avnet device tree) on PS7 with EMIO as below:


    and then I add it to my device tree…

  • How do I setup XILINX hardware target for Minized (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS)

    Hello, I have a Minized connected via direct USB cable to a physical Ubuntu host (not a Virtual Machine!) and I am having trouble in figuring out the required step to get it recognized as hardware target for XILINX Vivado toolchain.


    My details:


    1. Linux Host…
  • Discussion - Features in a  XILINX Vivado BDF for MiniZed

    Kevin Keryk wrote to me recently (2/16/2021) on a query I asked on github, so I am following his advice and creating a topic for general discussion in this forum, and I will post any Xilinx board definition file that comes out of the discussin process…

  • Petalinux JTAG Boot



    I am trying to get an Application Acceleration Flow working with the Minized, and I created a project and set the project type to "extensible Vitis platform"


    exported an XSA file through the "Export Platform" versus "Export Hardware".…

  • Can u help me about this error (i share a screenshot)

    I cannot fix this error. It always says "


    • Undefined function or variable 'ila_data_struct'.





    Hope u can help me...


    Best regards, MK

  • MiniZed - Vitis/Vivado 2020.1

    Hello all,


    Is there any updated tutorials on how to get started with the MiniZed using the latest tools from Xilinx?


    All I have found is old information and it's a real pain trying to figure out how this all works...



  • Petalinux build failed for MiniZED

    Just doing the started petalinux commands; I got the sources from AVNET Github


    Petalinux-build -c avnet-image-full gives me the following error:


    bluetooth_uart and axi_iic seems to be the problem, anyone can help me out? It uses the standard bsp for minized…

  • MiniZed JTAG FTDI FT2232 Programming (FT_PROG)

    The JTAG circuitry used on the Avnet MiniZed is a Xilinx solution based on the FTDI FT2232. As stated in https://www.xilinx.com/support/answers/68889.html, "the proprietary solution is not documented or supported, and cannot be provided to customers…

  • MiniZed seems very dead

    I am totally new to zedboards and fpga systems and SoCs like this in general, so sorry if this seems silly:


    I was trying to run a hello world project on my MiniZed board when I accidentally diconnected the usb cable from JTAG to my computer (windows 10…

  • Workshop "Integrating Sensors on MiniZed with PetaLinux 2019.1" - missing files

    I just started this free online course and tried to follow this instruction in LAB1 "2. From the host OS (Windows), locate the minized-petalinux-AvnetTTC-labs.tar.gz lab files archive within the Support_documents folder of the extracted PetaLinux_2019_1_Student_v1…