• PicoZed-7030 issues with 1Gbps throughput using PS ethernet

    Hello! I'm working with a PicoZed using a Zynq-7030 SoC, and am having issues with getting anywhere near 1Gbps ethernet speeds. I have the ENET0 enabled with the MDIO, and is using MIO pins 16-27 (52-53 for MDIO). Under "Clock Configuration" I've set…

  • Altium Schematic and Layout Files for PicoZed and FMC Carrier Card V2

    Does anyone know where I can find the Altium schematic and layout files for the 7030 PicoZed SOM and FMC Carrier Card V2 boards?

  • Issue: PicoZED fmc Carrier V2 USB UART

    Hello ,

    I am using Picozed SOM 7030 and FMC carrier v2 and booting petalinux application using SDcard, but i can connect it using USB-UART to monitor on serial terminal.

    I tried installing CP210X drivers for UBUNTU 16.04 it didn't work.

    I installed it…

  • PicoZed 7020 RevE - JX2 Jumpers and Rev-C MOQs

    We're working on producing a new round of controllers -- the first since about a year ago -- and we have a new purchase of PicoZed's to build them with. Our previous builds used Rev C of the PicoZed and our latest builds use Rev E.



  • issue : Picozed 7030 FMC carrier v2 Petalinux and SDK


    I am trying to implement quad- ethernet using Picozed FMC carrier v2 + SOM 7030 + ospero OP031-1V8 quad fmc.

    firstly i built the petalinux files as per this link



  • which bsp to use for PicoZed FMC Carrier Card v1

    I want to build petalinux on FMC Carrier Card v1.


    I've already built bare metal applications successfully (I used board definitions for Vivado 2016.04, and then imported them into 2018.3


    The board defintions I see on:

    PicoZed FMC Carrier Card v1