• How to develop C based HLS complex PL systems on ZU+?

    Is C based Vivado high level synthesis a viable option to develop complex PL systems on Zynq? Does it have many limitations versus VHDL or Verilog?

  • Does Ultra96-V2 come with any video acceleration engine like codec?

    Does Ultra96-V2 come with any video acceleration engine like codec?

  • Current supported host OS and version for Xilinx tools?

    I'm worried about installing OS/App upgrades in case Vitis/Vivado won't work but on the other hand I'm worried about not installing updates to miss on security or bug fixes!  Do you have any advice?  I'm using a VM so I could take a snapshot…

  • Best way to start learning designing with Zynq UltraScale+?

    How to start learning? Start from HW followed by SW? Any list of knowledge to be learn "sequentially'"? Is it a one man show, and how long would it take?

  • Build R5 and PSU binaries without Vitis?

    Is it possible to build R5 and PSU binaries without Vitis?

  • I2C master that can provide SCK up to 1MHz?

    Is it possible to implement an i2c master block in Ultra96 that can provide SCK up to 1MHz?

  • Using Ultra96-V2 for DNN tasks?

    How do I judge whether Ultra96-V2 is able to cope for a certain DNN task? For example detecting vehicle and tracking at an intersection.  How to estimate its fps?

  • How to validate/verify my Vivado & Vitis install?

    What steps can I follow to validate/verify that my Vivado & Vitis tools are installed correctly?

  • Do I have to have a board definition to do a design in Vivado?

    I am new to Vivado and the Ultra96-V2 board.  Do I have to have a board definition to create my design?

  • Do I need both Vivado and Vitis?

    I plan on creating a design to run on the Ultra96-V2 board.  Do I need both the Vivado and Vitis tools for this?  How much do the tools cost?

  • Where can I find the default arch.json file for Ultra96-V2?



    Is there anywhere I could find an arch.json file for the Ultra96-V2 platform?

    I am running into some issues when doing inference with the platform and I need to find out If I'm using the correct one.

    I have not gonne into flow design to get a…

  • Ultra96 Accessories

    Please use this topic to post any accessories that you have personally used and found to work with Ultra96.

    A list of compatible accessories is also available on the Docs page: Ultra96 Accessories


  • Ultra96v2 on boot, 4 user leds are on

    Ultra96v2 on boot, 4 user leds are on


    Hello, I was using Pynq v2.5 on my Ultra96 v2 board and I accidently placed a wire, which is connected with 3.3V, on the surface of the board.

    Maybe It shorted some components on the board.

    After that, the board is not…

  • Ultra96-V2 Vector Add issues

    Hi guys,


    I have some issues with my Ultra96-V2 board when I run and example of "vector add", the basic example that comes with Vitis.


    1) I manage to compile and run the design but the performance of the kernel is very low, less than 10MOps when…

  • ultra96v2 and vivado ports

    I am absolute a noob to the FPGA and Xilinx tools,




    what are those UART0_rtsn UART0_txd and GPIO-sensors ports? how to add those ports manully?


    I cannot find any definitions of…

  • When Xilinx SDK will be release for Ultra96-V2?

    I'm trying to compile standalone/baremetal application using Xilinx SDK 2018.3.

    But in Xilinx SDK 2018.3 I couldn't find the Hardware Platform for Ultra96-V2.

    As I have seen in dts Ultra96-V2 uses ZCU100


  • PYNQ V2.5 for Ultra96 Released!

    Hello Element14 Community,


    I am pleased to announce that PYNQ V2.5 for Ultra96 and is now officially released and is listed on the PYNQ.io site:


    PYNQ - Python productivity for Zynq - Board


    Here are the direct links to downloads images for Ultra96 V1 and…

  • Dual Camera Mezzanine slated for Q1 2020

    I wanted to let the community know that we are working on a dual camera mezzanine for Ultra96. The mezzanine will feature ON Semi image sensors connected to the Xilinx MPSoC through the High-speed 96Boards CE mezzanine connector. We will provide more…

  • Ultra96 - Projects

    Hi All,


    I  just wanted to make you aware of some of the very innovative well done projects showcasing the Ultra96 board. Please follow this link. https://www.hackster.io/xilinx/products/ultra96?sort=trending


    Some of my favorites include the following.