• PL-PS configuration in Ultra96 v2



    With ultra96-v1 I can establish PS-PL axi interconnection and transfer processed data from PL to PS DDR, but no luck with Ultra96-V2.


    I have changed the PS DDR configuration according to

    LPDDR4 Memory differences between Ultra96-V1 and Ultra96-V2

  • Power Adapter for ultra96 v2

    I have just ordered AES-ULTRA96-V2 board and I didn't know that the power adapter is not supplied with it. I found an adapter which supplies 12V 2A, is it sufficient for the board ? I saw that the website has 12V 4A adapter.

    Thank you for the…

  • Ultra96v2 Modprobe wilc3000 failed



    I have built a new Petalinux 2018.3 image with the usage of the BSP from https://github.com/Avnet/Ultra96-PYNQ  from image_2.4_v2 and added my own hardware design from Vivado 2018.3.


    petalinux-config --get-hw-description /path-to-sdk-folder


    When I…