• Zynq Ultrascale+ Boards with FMC Imageon


    I'm using Ultrascale board based xczu9eg chip and also want to using FMC-IMAGEON card.

    Since the reference design of fmc-imageon only consists of zynq-7000, the design has been changed as follows.

    I changed the pin constraint related…

  • UltraScale+ EV, General questions regarding the Cortex R5F



    I have a few questions regarding the real-time cores (Cortex R5F) on the UltraScale+ EV:)


    • Can the real-time cores run independently from the rest of the SoC?
    • Do the real-time cores can have access to the SD card and CAN peripherals?
    • Can the real-time…
  • Interfacing with the USB 3320 phy

    I hope this is the right place to ask. The question goes a little beyond hardware, and a little beyond the UltraZed.


    The UltraZed uses a Microchip USB3320 phy on MIO[52..63] (USB0). When using the BSP to build petalinux, everything works fine and I can…

  • ZU+ FSBL fails to access BRAM on "cold" start

    I hope someone can help me figure out why the FSBL is successful only after the board has been running for a while.

    I am developing on the UltrazedEG board and it's carrier (IOCC) -> http://zedboard.org/product/ultrazed-EG. It has a Zync Ultrascale…

  • Zedboard MAC Address



    Me and my team are going to configure our zedboard's and zynq ultrascale+ evaluation boards for NFS boot over our internal network. We know how to configure the MAC Address of the Zedboard or ZynqUS+MPSoC. However, we want to know if the boards…