• u-boot for the avnet ultrazedev board via tftp PHY issue/driver issue(s)u

    I downloaded and built the u-boot-xlnx.git repo, for the avnet ultrazedev board to try to tftp bin files to boot. I am getting the following boot log error messages and need help understanding and resolving the issues.

    The issues reported in the boot…

  • USB 3.0 support on ultrazed 7ev board petalinux 2020.2

    Hi there,

    We have a design implemented on ultrazed 7v board,

    and we found usb 3.0 is not working.

    # both usb2.0 and usb 3.0 hub can be found,

    but when we insert usb memory, it is always mounted as an usb 2.0 device( new high speed device founded)


  • UltraZed I-Grade potential Issue

    It was brought to Avnet's attention that the UltraZed EG I-Grade, and potentially the EV I-Grade, SOM may experience a failure at temperatures above 75c if the user carrier card is supplying +12V to +VIN pin.

    We are currently investigating the primary…

  • Cypress CX4613 USB 3.0 Hub not detected

    We are trying to get the Cypress CY4613 HX3 USB 3.0 Shared Link Development Kit working with an Avnet UltraZed-EV Starter Kit running PetaLinux 2020.2. The UltraZed-EV SK works fine with the two other Cypress USB3 hubs, the CY4609CY4609 and CY4603CY4…

  • Altium Files for "UltraZed-EV Carrier Card" Board

    Does anyone know where I can find the Altium schematic and layout files for the "UltraZed-EV Carrier Card" board?

  • DDR4 speed typo in UltraZed-EV HWUG?



    In the hardware user guide here:


    I read that DDR4 RAM can do 2400 Mbps (mega bits/sec) transfer speed. Is this correct?  Or is it actually DDR4-2400 RAM that that does…

  • UltraZED-EV + IO Carrier Card VCU in 4KP60



         I read the post (UltraZED-EV + IO Carrier Card VCU Design Example (v2018.3)) by Jason Moss about his test on the ZynqUS+ VCU. It seems the highest resolution he tested was 1080P30. I wonder if he was able to test at 4KP60. I am not so much interested…

  • UZEV USB as host and custom carrier card, problem with USB_OTG_CPEN held low



    We are designing a custom carrier card for the UZEV and we have a problem with the USB interface with the USB_OTG_CPEN pin always held low. We want to use it as a host and we have the following setup:


    1. Copied the hardware design from the Carrier Card…

  • UltraZed EV No longer detects JTAG devices

    I've been using an UltraZed EV board for software development, using the Xilinx toolchain for months, without many problems.

    This week, I can no longer detect any devices under the JTAG chain. I've tried several different JTAG cables and systems (primary…

  • HDMI In and Displayport out



    I wonder if someone has done a pipeline from HDMI in and Displayport out on the Ultrazed? No VCU, yet.


    The Avnet 2018.3 Example Design used ZCU106 TRD but stripped out hdmi as an example. What's the reason for strip out hdmi? How would the steps…

  • Question regarding FMC connector on UltraZed EV Carrier Card

    Hi to all,


    I am currently working on a project, using UltraZed-EV SOM on UltraZed-EV Carrier Card as evaluation platform. I need to connect an FMC module with HDMI in/out capabilities through the HPC FMC port provided on the  carrier card. The module I…

  • UltraZed-EV (zynqmp) not generating interrupts for GPIOs

    I'm testing software I'm writing for a custom target, using the UltraZedEV on the Avnet carrier card.  Particularly, I'm using the SW5 DIP switches to stand in for switches on the target which should trigger interrupts on the rising transition…

  • HDMI monitor connected using DisplayPort adapter, but no signal?

    Hello Everyone,


    I must be doing something very plainly wrong here, so please help me out!


    I just connected my UltraZed-EV Starter Kit up using the same HDMI monitor that I use for Ultra96-V2 development, so I know for sure the monitor works.  My SD card…

  • Ultrazed-EV: How to test the SFP cages with copper network cable?

    Hi Avnet,


    At the moment i'm about to test the SFP cages with a Dell 470-13571 Networking SFP+ cable. 


    How can I test these ports? i've noticed they are connected to the PL side on the GTH bus ( H1 & H2)


    Do you have some reference applications…

  • Ultrazed-EV: Unable to locate the Infineon power chips. ( PMBUS )

    Hi Avnet,


    Currrently i'm tying to make a connection with all the I2C devices on the Ultrazed-EV board. I managed to reach the eeproms, the gpio extender and the i2C mux but i'm struggling to make this final I2C connection to the Infineon chips. …

  • Network FMC Module compatibility with KC705

    Hello all,I've seen from the Quick Start Reference Guide of the Network FMC that they suggest to use the UltraZed-3EG in conjunction with the UltraZedEG PCIe Carrier Card.
    But I would like to know if AES-FMC-NETW1-G is compatible with Xilinx Kintex…

  • USB3 devices detected as USB2 in petalinux



    I'm trying to connect a USB3 camera to the Ultrazed-EV starter kit using petalinux, and I can see that the camera is being detected but as a USB2 device, here is the shell log:


    I set up the USB mode jumpers in the board as a default HOST mode…

  • Adding your own DDR4 memory to the PL of the Ultrazed-EV

    Has anyone attempted to use their own DDR4 module on a carrier card for the Ultrazed-EV?


    I hope to add a higher density single module in point to point mode over the JX1 connector.


    I plan on just holding reset low and CS high on the built in memory and…

  • re-flash with pre-built image does not boot

    I have tried to flash the QSPI with an image that will boot from TFTP.  It didn't work.

    So, I re-flashed with the pre-built image using these settings:


    I inadvertently flashed with "uz_petalinux_hw" as the platform before this attempt.  Both…

  • Video conferencing application implementation on ultrazed EV board



    I am looking for implementaing video conferencing application on zynqMPSoC.


    Using gstreamer i can utilize the VCU for video decoding but i dont know how to decode the audio and sync with the video.


    If  any such application or any info how it can be implemented…

  • AVNET ZU7EV XSA and Petalinux BSP file request

    Hi All,


    Could anyone please help me to find the AVNET ZU7EV board XSA and Petalinux BSP file?

    I have checked in the XIiinx Petalinux BSP download page and I couldn't able to find the BSP file for the AVNET.ZU7EV board.


    Thanks and Regards,

    Ravikiran J…

  • Error in documentation for UltraZed-EV (and CC) regarding HD_SE_ pins



    My team found an error (unfortunately the hard way) in the documentaion for the UltraZed-EV regarding the banks that power certain HD_SE_ pins.


  • Ultrazed carrier board pcb project



    I need the sch and layout project of ultrazed ev board carrier board. Can you pls provide it to us?


    If you also share SOM module, i will be appreciating to you. 




  • Ethernet PHY from PL

    I have an UltraZed-EV Starter Kit. The documentation states that the Marvell Ethernet PHY included in the SOM is connected to the Zynq PS MIO .

    I have a design which includes an AXI TEMAC implemented in the PL, and a I need to connect it to the PHY. It…

  • UltraZed-EV starter kit - Touch Screen Display Interface Options



    I am using the UltraZed-EV starter kit, serial number AES-ZU7EV-1-SK-G, which includes the UltraZed-EV SOM and UltraZed-EV Carrier Card. One of my goals is to choose an appropriate touch screen display module (ideally PCAP touch with TFT Display…