• Azure Sphere Webinar Discussion Forum (Post questions and comments here!)

    I hope everyone that attended todays Azure Sphere Webinar (Session #1) got a lot from the session.  Let's use this forum for any questions on the labs, presentations, homework or any other Azure Sphere related questions.


  • PWM on GPIO Azure Sphere


    I need a PWM signal on one of the GPIO's for an Azure Sphere project. Obviously tested and played with the code from the examples repos, that works, but I didn't get it to work with a GPIO providng a PWM signal. Is there any example for a High-Level…

  • Seed Azure Sphere MT3620 + Raspberry Pi



    I am trying to connect Raspberry pi and Seed Azure Sphere MT3620.


    How can I connect raspberry pi with Seed Azure Sphere MT3620? Sensors are connected to raspberry pi currently. I want to use Azure Sphere for security and development.



  • Converting Windows C++ Code For Azure Sphere Deployment

    The YDLIDAR modules are a pretty cool devices.  They allow to laser scan to get point data for point clouds which can then be processed by other means into meaningful geometries.  It's great for Machine Vision applications.


    I'd like to read its laser…

  • I2C Resource busy error (errno 16) on OS 19.11

    Since OS 19.11 I am having some trouble with I2CMaster_Write function which fails with with "Resource busy" error a lot when trying to do multiple writes in a row.

    For now I managed to create a workaround by using tiny delays before writes:



  • Error running shockdetect - "LPS22HH not found!"

    I'm following Cabe's Guide to set up my sphere starter kit.  I've made it though to part 5, step 5.5, but when I try to run the app I'm getting the following output:

    IoT Hub/Central Application starting.



    Setting Azure Scope ID 0ne0008FB…

  • My Azure Sphere is Not Getting Power.

    Hello Everyone, I have ordered an Azure Sphere Starter Kit last month from element14. Today when I cloned a piece of code from Github and ran it on Visual Studio and after it was working Suddenly My Azure Sphere stopped getting power from my Laptop. I…

  • What is Azure Sphere?

    There's lots of activity on Element14 relating to the Azure Sphere. I'd like to start paying more attention to the blogs but I have no idea what Azure actually is apart from it has a very nice name  . At this point I could delve into Google or…

  • I am from Spain and I can not see the code

    I am from Spain and I can not see the code to receive it for free, I only have the option to buy.


    Thank you

  • I am from Spain and I can not see the code

    I am from Spain and I can not see the code to receive it for free, I only have the option to buy.


    Thank you

  • Can I use SCP to move a file into Azure Sphere?

    I am wishing to move a configuration file for Azure Sphere. Naturally SCP over SSH would work nicely. Can anyone direct me to a solution? I will have to modify the file sometimes depending on the layout of the equipment in use.



  • Azure Sphere Contest Server -> Wi-Fi not configured

    Trying to do the daily "Azure Sphere Starter Kit Sync with Contest Server" thingie

    • When I click on "Read Device", Device IP is "Wi-Fi not configured"
      • ==> the response:
        • "Device ID" is valid
        • "Device MAC" is valid…
  • Cannot get WiFi connected

    Today when I tried to connect to the contest page, I got "WiFi not configured". So I tied to enable/disable the definition. Also a restart as well. After all this I am left with the following:


    SSID                       : ****************

    Configuration state : temp…

  • Communicate Between Two High-Level Applications

    Hi Everyone,


    I'm working on a use case that requires two high-level applications to run simultaneously. I have confirmed that I can do this utilizing the "partner application" functionality. However, in my use case I require that each application can communicate…

  • Can we use Azure Sphere kit in Production for supply chain

    I am new in iOT. Right now I am working on supply chain project. We need a integrate Wifi, Sensor, REFID  etc . Is this Azure Sphere is ready for production?

  • Azure Sphere – How to generate Leaf certificate?

    Azure Sphere – How to generate Leaf certificate?


    It is easy to connect first device to IoT Central. There is step by step. By I want to connect second Azure Sphere device to IoT Central. It is added automatically, just because it is in Azure Sphere Tenant…

  • Azure Sphere Kit Registration

    I have a problem, I just can see the orange "Buy Now" button, not the "Register for a free kit" button.

    I am from Austria. What should I do.


    Thanks for your help!

  • Azure Sphere can't see iPhone Hot Spot

    I was able to get through all the steps of the Azure Sphere setup, up until I need to connect to wifi to get the device updated. I am in a locked down corporate environment, and need to use a phone hot spot for development. I am on the latest version…

  • What is the maximum current the MT3620 GPIO pins can output?

    What is the maximum current the MT3620 GPIOs pins can output?

    All the pis provide the same current?

    Can you configure any of the pins to have high drive strength (i.e 20-mA)?

  • Using GPIO2 Baremetal

    So i have been playing around with the Kit a little and i find it quite difficult to find any documentation whatsoever.


    I pulled the GPIO sample application from


  • azsphere is not recognized as an inter

    Oh boy, already seems like i am in for a ride even setting this up


    How do i fix this?

  • Azure Sphere starting kit stopped working

    I am sorry to inform you that my Starting kit MT3620 Azure Sphere board stopped working.

    I was able to ping every day for three days.

    During this time, I worked out several examples from online tutorials.

    Using the Oled display based on the advanced tutorial…

  • Hello! Does anyone experienced fail to find lms22hh sensor when loading examples from avnet in Microsoft Visual Studio?

    After hours of installing/uninstalling Visual Studio 2017, Azure Sphere SDK, creating Azure acount and tenant,last night a managed to load the example from Avnet first part tutorial. But in the output window it shows me that it failed to find the lms22hh…

  • Question about Error Message when running the Azure Sphere Reference Design

    Hello Everyone,

    So far I was able to get the kit and the software installed and I was able to create the necessary accounts.  Now I am facing an error that I don't know how to address.  I am trying to run the reference design following the steps in this…

  • Challange Check-In Application not detecting IP

    Using the sk_server_registration utility I am getting "Device not connected", but if I run the azsphere utility to check my connection it is successful.
    Will this impact my challenge status or am I OK?

    C:\Users\elvis\Documents>azsphere device…