• How to do OTA update for SIM

    I activated my device half month ago. Up to this point of time, my device status stuck in Pre-active state (as shown below) instead of Active (expected). Verizon support told me "Pre- active in the portal would indicate that activation of the line has…

  • Azure IoT Central Getting Started Guide

    In the section below of the 'Getting Started Guide', the last line refers to an archive "SelfSignedCertificateGeneration.zip" but I see no path, link or anyway to find the archive.  I cannot move forward without the certificates.



  • Monarch LTE-M Development Kit Out of Box Examples

    List of out of box examples available for the Monarch LTE-M Development Kit


    1.     Azure IoT Central Monarch LTE-M Development Kit Out of Box Example

    2.     Avnet Azure IoT Connect Monarch LTE-M Development Kit out of Box Example - Coming Soon

    3.    AWS Monarch LTE…

  • Monarch LTE-M Development Kit IoT Central Out of Box Example

    Note: The formatted PDF document detailing this procedure is available for download at Here

    Monarch LTE-M Development Kit





    NXP MCUXpresso IDE                 v11.2.x or later

    NXP LPCXpresso55S69 SDK       v2.8.x or later

    Date                                            17 November 2020




    0. Prerequisites.

    1. Hardware…

  • Avnet Releases the Monarch Go LTE-M Development Kit!!!

    Avnet just released a LTE IoT enablement platform, the Monarch LTE-M Development Kit. This kit is an ideal entry point for starting your next LTE IoT application development. The LPC55S69 dual-core Arm Cortex-M33 micro-controller chip set with the production…