PICtail Ethernet Board

Manufactured By:Microchip
PICtail Ethernet Board PICtail Ethernet Board
PICtail Ethernet Board
PICtail Ethernet Board
Part Number:AC164121

The Ethernet PICtail™ Daughter Board provides a cost-effective method of evaluating and developing Ethernet control applications. The board is designed for flexibility and can be plugged into a wide selection of demonstration boards, including the PIC18 Explorer (DM183032). The development board is populated with the 28-pin ENC28J60 Ethernet controller which interfaces to the RJ-45 female connector. With a standard 28-pin PICtail pin out, the board is easily interfaced to Microchip’s 8-bit demonstration boards.

The ENC28J60 is a 28-pin, 10BASE-T stand alone Ethernet Controller with on board MAC & PHY, 8 Kbytes of Buffer RAM and an SPI serial interface. With a small foot print package size the ENC28J60 minimizes complexity, board space and cost.

To get started, a compatible PICDEM demonstration board is required. In general, a board is compatible if it has a PICtail™ board interface expansion port, which is a 14x2 connector. Most PICDEM demonstration boards do not have the female header installed. Thus, a 14x2 female connector is included with this kit for the user to install onto the PICDEM demonstration board if necessary. When connecting the two boards together, pay close attention to the orientation of the connector and pin alignment. The AC/DC power adapter should be plugged into the PICtail board's power socket. Only one AC/DC power adapter is required because the Ethernet PICtail board is capable of supplying power to the PICDEM demonstration board.

Key Applications: Ethernet control applications.


  • 10BASE-T Ethernet
  • RJ-45 Female Ethernet Connector
  • ENC28J60 Ethernet Controller with 25 MHz oscillator and integrated magnetic RJ-45 connector
    • 256 Kbits SPI EEPROM (25LC256) for storing web pages and configurations
    • Dedicated power supply
    • PICtail™ Daughter Board connection interface

Ships With

  • Ethernet PICtail™ Daughter Board
  • RJ-45 Female Ethernet Connector

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