IBU Motor Control and IPS Universal Interface

Manufactured By:ST Microelectronics
IBU Motor Control and IPS Universal Interface IBU Motor Control and IPS Universal Interface
IBU Motor Control and IPS Universal Interface
IBU Motor Control and IPS Universal Interface
Part Number:STEVAL-PCC009V2

The STEVAL-PCC009V2 board implements an IBU universal interface (IBUUI), which is an STM32x-based USB-to-serial interface bridge consisting of a configurable 10-pin interface and a 30-pin interface.

The STM32x microcontroller is used as an interface between the PC and another end system. Various communication peripherals are multiplexed with GPIOs, ADC and PWM channels in both the 10-pin and 30-pin interfaces.

With these interfaces, there is a provision to connect a device which can communicate using I2C, SPI and UART. Thus, the IBUUI tool allows users to connect a serial communication-based device to a PC. At the same time, it allows user control of some GPIOs available in 10-pin and 30-pin interfaces, and sets them to input/output mode as per application requirements.

The STM32F103xx medium-density performance line family incorporates the high-performance ARM Cortex™-M3 32-bit RISC core operating at a 72 MHz frequency, high-speed embedded memories and an extensive range of enhanced I/Os and peripherals connected to two APB buses. All devices offer two 12-bit ADCs, three general purpose 16-bit timers plus one PWM timer, as well as standard and advanced communication interfaces: up to two I2Cs and SPIs, three USARTs, an USB and a CAN.

Key Applications: IBU Motor Control & IPS universal interface


  • Supports two modes:
    • application mode: the PC GUI allows SPI, I2C and UART interfacing and control of the communication parameters
    • DFU mode: allows the user to change the firmware if required to suit specific applications
  • Board power supplied through a USB Mini B-type connector
  • DLL files provided to allow users to create a customized PC GUI
  • RoHS compliant

Ships With

  • Hardware content:
    • One board
    • BOM list
    • Schematic
  • Software content:
    • DFU firmware
    • DLL files of the I2C, SPI and UART interface of the 10-pin header
    • DLL files of the I2C, SPI, and UART1 and UART2 interface of the 30-pin header
    • Source code (including DFU)
  • Documentation:
    • User manual (to work in functional mode)
    • User manual (to work in DFU mode)
    • Help file on how to use the DLL file

Required Tools

Accessory Tools



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