ColdFire Flexis MCF51JE Low-Power USB Tower System Kit

Manufactured By:NXP
ColdFire Flexis MCF51JE Low-Power USB Tower System Kit ColdFire Flexis MCF51JE Low-Power USB Tower System Kit
ColdFire Flexis MCF51JE Low-Power USB Tower System Kit
ColdFire Flexis MCF51JE Low-Power USB Tower System Kit
Part Number:TWR-MCF51JE-KIT

The TWR-MCF51JE-KIT module is a development kit for the MCF51JE ColdFire V1 Low-Power USB 32-bit MCUs. It is designed to enable the development of long-lasting portable applications with USB connectivity. The TWR-MCF51JE operates as a standalone debug tool and can also be combined and used as part of the modular Tower System development platform (TWR-MCF51JE-KIT) which includes Tower System Serial Module (TWR-SER) and Tower System Elevator Modules (TWR-ELEV)

The MCF51JE256/128 (JE256/128) provides ultra-low-power operation, USB connectivity and high measurement accuracy, all in a single 32-bit microcontroller, allowing designers to develop a more fully featured system at a lower cost. The JE256/128 integrates high-resolution ADC and DAC modules and a rich peripheral set including a USB 2.0 host/device/OTG controller, multiple serial interfaces and an external bus interface.

The JE256/128 is part of the NXP Flexis microcontroller series, which includes both 8-bit S08 and 32-bit V1 ColdFire microcontrollers that have a common set of peripherals and development tools to deliver the ultimate in migration flexibility. The JE256/128 family is also easy to use. NXP provides a comprehensive suite of development tools and software to help developers design quickly and easily.

Key Applications: HVAC building control systems, PC peripherals, Lighting control systems, Industrial networking products, Portable medical devices


  • MCF51JE256 ColdFireV1 Low-Power USB 32-bit MCU
    • On-chip memory  
      • Up to 256 KB flash
      • Up to 32 KB SRAM
      • Mini FlexBus (external bus interface)
    • Measurement engine unit
      • 12-bit SAR ADC-high resolution ADC
      • Programmable delay block
      • PRACMP - analog comparator with 5-bit DAC
      • Internal voltage reference
    • Communication peripherals 
      • USB device/host/on-the-go controller
      • 2 x serial peripheral interface (SPI)
      • 2 x serial communication interface (SCI)
      • I²C
    • Timers 
      • 2 x 4-channel timer
      • Pulse width modulator
      • Time of day module
      • Carrier modulator timer
      • System integration
      • 2 x keyboard interrupts (KBI)
      • Low-voltage indicator
      • Low-power stop 2 current:500 nA (32 KB of active SRAM)
  • Integrated open-source BDM debugging tool
  • Small form factor (59 mm x 90 mm)

Ships With

  • TWR-MCF51JE board with a MCF51JE256 32-bit MCU
  • TWR-SER - Tower System Serial Module
  • TWR-ELEV - Tower System Elevator Modules
  • DVD with software, training and collateral
  • Quick Start Guide document
  • Necessary cables

Required Tools

Accessory Tools



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