Qi Receiver Simulator V1.1

Manufactured By:AVID Technologies
Qi Receiver Simulator V1.1
Part Number:102-02

The Qi Receiver Simulator is a device that can be placed on a Qi wireless charging transmitter and used to test the transmitter's operation and performance. DIP switches on top of the Qi Receiver Simulator are used to select a number of different receiver operational modes as well as change the communication modulators and output load. The model 102-02 is Compatible with WPC v1.1

Product developers looking to quickly analyze and debug Qi wireless transmitter system operation, firmware operation, and error handling. The Receiver Simulator provides a variety of tests for assessing transmitter performance. It is useful for design debugging, demonstrations, and for use as a general purpose Qi receiver.


  • Standard receiver
  • No comm. packets
  • Invalid comm. data bit rates
  • Invalid comm. packet checksum
  • Invalid packet order
  • Invalid WPC spec version
  • Undefined comm. packets
  • Multiple power control hold-off packets
  • Error packets at minimum intervals
  • Repeated negative error packets
  • EPT packets with reason codes
  • Invalid packet timing
  • No rectified power packets


  • 30 Ω AC resistive modulators
  • 10 nF AC capacitive modulators
  • 0 to 2.0W internal load selectable in 0.25W steps
  • External load up to 5W


  • Stand alone, easy to use device
  • Regulated 5VDC output
  • Selectable comm. tests and modulators
  • LEDs for device status
  • Test points for bridge voltage and comm. modulator
  • Selectable internal load
  • Terminals for external load
  • WPC v1.1 compatibility
  • RxSim v1.1 is factory calibrated for accurate received power measurements
  • RxSim v1.1 reports a proprietary 16 bit high resolution received power value

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  • Qi Receiver Simulator

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