Sensor Toolbox Board for MMA865xFC Accelerometers

Manufactured By:NXP
Sensor Toolbox Board for MMA865xFC Accelerometers Sensor Toolbox Board for MMA865xFC Accelerometers
Sensor Toolbox Board for MMA865xFC Accelerometers
Sensor Toolbox Board for MMA865xFC Accelerometers
Part Number:LFSTBEB865X

NXP's LFSTBEB865x Sensor Toolbox development kit allows customers to quickly evaluate the two high performance 3-axis accelerometers with all the embedded features of previous solutions now in a 56% smaller form factor (2x2x1mm DFN package).

The Xtrinsic MMA8652FC (12-bit) and MMA8653FC (10-bit) low-power, low-noise accelerometers offer a wide range of performance for portable devices. At only 2 x 2 mm, they have a 56 percent smaller volume than previous NXP accelerometers, and with a 1 mm height are ideal for low-profile applications.

The MMA865xFC accelerometers have greatly optimized the overall system power consumption to be best in class. The MMA865xFC 3-axis accelerometers have six user configurable sample rates that can be set over a wide range from 1.5 to 800 samples per second. The operating current is proportional to the sample rate. The power scheme contains normal mode and low-power operational modes. FIFO allows for smarter system power management that contributes over 96 percent savings of the system power consumption when using the i.MX processor.

The development kit contains three PCBs: MMA8652FC and MMA8653FC accelerometer daughter cards and the sensor interface board. Customers who have not already purchased the LFSTBUSB communication board, can order this separately or order the full kit RDMMA865x that also contains the LFSTBUSB board.


  • Mobile phones/digital cameras
    • Orientation detection Tap to control
    • Auto wake/sleep for low power consumption
    • Tablets/Laptops
  • Anti-theft
    • Tumble and freefall detection
    • Orientation detection
    • Tap detection
    • E-Readers
  • Remote controls
  • E-Compass
  • Real-time activity analysis
  • Medical activity monitoring


Features of MMA865xFC Accelerometer:

  • 1.95 V to 3.6 V supply voltage
  • 1.62 V to 3.6 V digital interface voltage
  • ±2 g, ±4 g, and ±8 g dynamically selectable full-scale ranges
  • Output Data Rates (ODR) from 1.56 Hz to 800 Hz
  • 10-bit digital output (MMA8653FC)
  • 12-bit digital output (MMA8652FC)
  • I2C digital output interface with programmable interrupts
  • Orientation (Portrait/Landscape) detection with fixed hysteresis of 15° (MMA8653FC) or programmable hysteresis (MMA8652FC)
  • One embedded channel of configurable motion detection (Freefall) (MMA8653FC)
  • Four embedded channels of configurable motion detection (Freefall, Motion, Pulse, Transient) (MMA8652FC)
  • Configurable automatic ODR change triggered by the Auto-Wake/Sleep state change
  • 32-sample FIFO (MMA8652FC)
  • High-Pass Filter Data available per sample and through the FIFO (MMA8652FC)
  • Self-Test

Ships With

  • One Accelerometer Development Board
  • One MMA8652FC Daughter Board
  • One MMA8653FC Daughter Board
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Required Tools

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