Cloud Connectivity Kit Based on LPC43S6x Microcontroller and A70CM Secure Element

Manufactured By:NXP
Cloud Connectivity Kit based on LPC43S6x microcontroller and A70CM secure element
Part Number:OM13086

The LPC43S67-A70CM Cloud Connectivity Kit gives developers everything they need to easily create, deploy and manage connected products utilizing Wi-Fi and cloud services, without the need for deep expertise in security, Wi-Fi stacks, device commissioning, and cloud service APIs. It enables product companies to realize new, recurring business models with premium product features and services. Based on the LPC43S6x microcontroller and A70CM secure element, the Kit combines hardware from NXP and Murata with the Zentri Secure Connected Product Platform to support all three key aspects of developing an IoT product:

  • Security and connectivity of the physical device, including cloud-based device management for provisioning and remote management
  • Developing user applications (both the product's end user and other connected users)
  • Handling protocol-agnostic cloud connectivity to support connected functionality and services


  • Secure, wireless connectivity to cloud services with minimal coding
    • Wi-Fi connectivity stack
    • Cloud APIs to support developer's choice of cloud service provider
  • Secure device provisioning and management
    • Provisioning and deployment of the physical device
    • Secure updates of physical device firmware
    • Real-time geo-location of the physical device and collection of analytic data about the physical device
  • APIs and tools for developing user applications for popular mobile devices, e.g. file systems manager, web server

Ships With

  • LPCXpresso43S67 (OM13084) board based on the LPC43S67 MCU and A70CM secure element
  • LPC General Purpose Shield (OM13082)
  • NXP NFC NTAG I²C plug-in card featuring NXP NT3H1201W0FHK Forum Type 2 Tag with field detection pin and I²C
  • Murata SN8000 802.11b/g/n (Zentri SD card)
  • USB cables
  • Zentri Secure Connected Product Platform for evaluation and product development with kit:
    • Includes the ZentriOS
    • ZentriOS SDK (supported in the LPCXpresso IDE as a dedicated plug-in)
    • ZentriDMS
    • Zentri Mobile App SDK
  • Access to the LPCXpresso IDE
  • Documentation
  • 8 Mb Macronix quad SPI Flash

Required Tools

Accessory Tools


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