Evaluation Board for Stepper Motor Drive- ROHM-STEPMO_EVK_206

Manufactured By:ROHM Semiconductor
Evaluation  Board for Stepper Motor Drive- ROHM-STEPMO_EVK_206 Evaluation  Board for Stepper Motor Drive- ROHM-STEPMO_EVK_206
Evaluation  Board for Stepper Motor Drive- ROHM-STEPMO_EVK_206
Evaluation  Board for Stepper Motor Drive- ROHM-STEPMO_EVK_206
Part Number:ROHM-STEPMO_EVK_206
This evaluation board manual describes the usage of ROHM’s stepper motor driver IC evaluation kit (EVK) called STEPMO_EVK_20x. It is designed as a plug-in board (Shield) for popular Arduino microcontroller platform. This document provides guidelines to quickly setup the hardware and software for fast and easy stepper motor driver IC performance evaluation.

The ROHM-STEPMO_EVK_206 is a stepper motor driver evaluation kit. It is a low-cost board enabling fast evaluation of ROHM stepper motor BD63720AEFV IC and easy prototyping of real applications. The kit consists of a stackable shield for Arduino Uno board and a software library to manage the stepper motor driver IC. The EVK can be used as well standalone providing power supply and appropriated input signals. This EVK supports microstep, high voltage with CLK-IN (clock input) control stepper motor driver BD63720AEFV IC.

It integrates PWM constant-current drive with adjustable decay ratio and the ability for full, half and microstepping. The IC features single supply operation by integrating voltage regulator for the low power logic together with highly efficient DMOS output power stages. The motor driver integrates ghost supply prevention, thermal shutdown, over-current protection, under/over voltage lockout high ESD resistance and pin short protection for robust and reliable operation.


  • Motor Drive & Control


  • Supply voltage range from 19V to 28V
  • Maximum current per phase is 2.0A at 25°C
  • Supports 1, 1/2, 1/4 stepping modes
  • Designed as plug-in Shield for Arduino platform
  • Recommended: Arduino Uno
  • Several model variants covering wide range of pin- compatible stepper driver ICs
  • Support of bipolar or unipolar stepper motors
  • Adjustable current limit
  • Adjustable current decay mode
  • Single supply operation
  • Stackable design to allow controlling two motors at the same time
  • Reverse power supply protection
  • Software library for Arduino IDE
  • Arduino example programs (Sketches)
  • Do not require an internal charge pump so the motor drivers achieve low EMI performance
  • CE marked

Ships With

Include SPC5-UDESTK & 1-Year License with full Memory Access

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