• Does the Psoc 4 pioneer kit support rs485 out of the box?

    I'm new to the psoc and i like the pioneer kit.

    I'm trying to set up a simple project that reads rs485 and passes it on to a com over usb.

    I think i can configure one using the UART (v2.30) component - half duplex and the Hardware TX- Enable under…

  • Interfacing PSoC 4 Pioneer Board to 5V System

    I'd like to interface a Pioneer board to a 5V system. The system would also provide 5V power to the Pioneer board and the digital interface signals would all be at 5V (TTL) levels. After reading the Pioneer Kit Guide (specifically section 4.3.3), it's…

  • Pioneer Kit and 5v ADC?

    the designer wont let me configure 4 channels of 5v ref ADC.  it states the max 3.3v.


    When I asked at the meeting about this it was mentioned it supported it.  So I suspect I am missing something specific to the pioneer board.

  • 100 Projects in 100 Days is back, now with Bluetooth Low Energy!

    Last year, we featured 100 projects in 100 days for the original PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit and shared many ideas with the community.


    We're back, kicking off yet another 100 projects effort - this time with the brand new BLE Pioneer Kit, featuring PSoC 4 BLE…

  • PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit Community Project#18 - 'Catch the Shells' Game with ColorLCD Shield

    Today's project posting implements another simple and fun game using the PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit + the ColorLCD Shield.


    The goal of the game is to catch as many shells as possible. The shells are dispatched from one edge of the Color LCD and the user has…

  • PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit Community Project#07 – Danger Shield with 7 Segment LED Display



    Today’s example project uses the “Danger Shield” which includes a list of hardware features such as three large sliding potentiometers, LEDs, LDR light sensor, push buttons, buzzer, and a small 7 segment LED display. The example and descriptions…

  • PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit Community Project#04 - USB-UART Utility

    Hello folks!


    Today's community project hightlights a very useful utility on the PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit. Often times, I like to spit out some data over UART, then read that data on my computer using a hyperterminal program - great for some quick and dirty debugging…

  • 100 Projects in 100 Days

    Cypress and element14 are excited to start a new community initiative around the PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit - 100 Projects in 100 Days.


    Over the next several weeks, we will post a new PSoC Creator project everyday, designed specifically for the PSoC 4 Pioneer…