• PSOC 4 Ball and Beam Control System, identification toolbox.

    Short Review:

    I have been working on this model for a while now, I was having some trouble with the sensor data but all of that is good now,

    Here is how the system works every command is fed through the UART interface as well as data read from sensors or…

  • PSOC4 low power mode conundrum

    I'm trying to explore the low power modes of the PSoc4 chip (4100) by cypress. I'm using the $4 dev kit, separated from the USB board. My only connection to the board is 5V power and ground via the J2 connector.


    As minimal configuration I have…

  • Does the Psoc 4 pioneer kit support rs485 out of the box?

    I'm new to the psoc and i like the pioneer kit.

    I'm trying to set up a simple project that reads rs485 and passes it on to a com over usb.

    I think i can configure one using the UART (v2.30) component - half duplex and the Hardware TX- Enable under…

  • Interfacing PSoC 4 Pioneer Board to 5V System

    I'd like to interface a Pioneer board to a 5V system. The system would also provide 5V power to the Pioneer board and the digital interface signals would all be at 5V (TTL) levels. After reading the Pioneer Kit Guide (specifically section 4.3.3), it's…

  • Has anyone got a single ended ADC going on the PSoC Pioneer 4 from 0V to 5V?

    I cannot seem to get mine working..

    I am after just some example code which will take any pin as a 0V-5V input and maybe send the value out of the UART..

    if not that even just a breakpoint after the conversion so I can get the right data out..

  • Where can we find a datasheet and user's guide?

    I see some info and datasheets for other SoCs on this page on the Cypress website.


    Can anyone find the datasheet and user's guide to the PSoC4?

  • How to create an ADC component in PSoC 4?

    I've PSoC pioneer kit. I'm going to study of this topic and implement it in verilog. Can anyone give me some suggestion?



  • Can I implement a verilog program to process an image in PSoC 4 board?

    I'm using PSoC 4 pioneer kit. Can I implement a verilog program for image processing in it? I saw project #58. In that, they said they would later share how to interface processing. But I couldn't find the second part.  Pls help me.


    Thanks !

  • PSoC 4 SD > 2GB



    I recently got the Cypress BTLE kit and have been doing research on working with a SD Card. It looks like all the examples are a bit old and none do over 2GB. Has this been resolved? Seems a bit dated to be working only with 2GB cards. It also seems…

  • Thirty (30) Example Projects for Bluetooth Low Energy

    The ongoing blog series for 100 Projects in 100 Days with PSoC 4 BLE is now up to thirty (30) example projects.

    Use these simple PSoC Creator projects to learn about Bluetooth Low Energy using the $49 BLE Pioneer Kit.

    These projects cover basic BLE topics…

  • 100 Projects in 100 Days is back, now with Bluetooth Low Energy!

    Last year, we featured 100 projects in 100 days for the original PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit and shared many ideas with the community.


    We're back, kicking off yet another 100 projects effort - this time with the brand new BLE Pioneer Kit, featuring PSoC 4 BLE…

  • Beginner to Ethernet Shield



    I started my project on PSoC4 using Ethernet Shield, objective is to create a web-based application using PSoC4, i have seen you are using Arduino firmware version 1.0.4  but i found latest version Arduino firmware version 1.0.6 for windows. Will it…

  • FreeRTOS ported to the PSoC 4

    I've ported FreeRTOS to PSoC 4 - which really was extremely trivial. It's simply the Cortex M0 port with some configuration & glue from the PSoC 5 demo.

    The attached demo app creates three tasks that toggle the red, green and blue LEDs on the…

  • Quadrature Decoder with Logic Gates Circuit FPGA

    I need to read two rotary quadrature encoders at the time I didnt know that the PSOC4 could work with the TCPWM Quadrature decoder but I really enjoyed this circuit It is a really good example of the digital logic power included on PSOC.

    the great thing…

  • IDAC conversion to VDAC (enabling two IDACs)

    to convert a current source to a voltage source I used a voltage follower OPAMP that would not consume current so if that current was redirected through a Resistance then this Resistance would generate the requiered voltage for my signal

    When routing the…

  • PSoC4 Robot Operating System (ROS) connection

    I have a port of rosserial running on the Pioneer Kit. More details at http://wiki.jigren.org/index.php?title=Rosserial_On_Cypress_PSoC4 .


    I've just gotten three simple examples (HelloWorld, pub-sub, and ADC reading) ported from the Arduino suite so far…

  • 100 Projects in 100 Days

    Cypress and element14 are excited to start a new community initiative around the PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit - 100 Projects in 100 Days.


    Over the next several weeks, we will post a new PSoC Creator project everyday, designed specifically for the PSoC 4 Pioneer…

  • M0 Core + How much FGPA power?

    The new thing about this SoC is it's an ARM Cortex-M0 with some built-in FPGA functionality.  I'm not an expert in FPGAs, but how powerful is the FPGA part? 


    It is a way to reduce real estate and part count by realizing a few elements of logic within…