• SD Card for BeagleBone black (C)


    I just got my BeagleBone. Now I want to update the software, but I don't have a right card.

    Therefore I want to buy one, but I can only find "microSDHC" - Cards. They are different to "microSD" right? Do they fit into the card reader on the…

  • Bluetooth Dongle Beagle bone balck & audio cape

    I have linux 3,8 version ported on beaglebone black . can you suggest which audio cape & blutooth dongle i can interface to it & from where i can buy from.




  • Getting BB-View working on newer kernel (3.12.13) than 3.8.13



    I have a BB white and a 7inch BB-View display that I got working with the 3.8.13 kernel using the instruction in this thread:


    [How-to] BB-View on latest Debian


    My goal is to get QT Quick 2 working on BBW, so I need the SGX-modules for the OpenGL ES2.…

  • BB view 7" LCD colours incorrect using Angstrom supplied

    Using a BeagleBone Black and BB view with 7" LCD Panel.


    With the Angstrom distribution supplied with BB view the colours are incorrect, (it seems there is the RED/BLUE switch) has anyone else experienced this and

    know of a solution.


    The board is working…

  • Problem getting WIFI + PWM + PYTHON/PYGAME working on the same distro.

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for some help.

    I'm working on a robotic project with my beaglebone black, and my problem is with which distro use.

    I need to have WIFI dongle, PWM working and python and pygame installed.

    I tried the latest ubuntu image (04…

  • BB View + BeagleBone Board



    I am having a little trouble with a BB View 7 inch lcd panel, I followed the instructions and have a setup as per what should work. But I am not seeing the cape listed, do I have a DOA bit of hardware?


    See below console extract which also confirms I…

  • Wireless Controlled Submarine

    I am a young hobbyist in electronics and have an idea in mind to build a small submarine which I can control using a computer or iPad. I was wondering what to use to communicate with the submarine, and whether to use an Arduino, Rasberry Pi or a Beaglebone…

  • [How-to] BB-View without LED and Keys

    How can I remove the 2 LEDs and the 4 Buttons (Keys) from the capemgr, so that the pins are not blocked by the BB-View LCD.


    I tried it, by changing the "BB-VIEW-LCD7-01-00A0.dts" file of the BB-View. I found the file in the angstrom source. I removed all…

  • Beaglebone Black and the Motorola Atrix Lapdock.


    I have been trying to get a Beaglebone Black to work with a Motorola Atrix Lapdock, and have run into a problem.

    Hopefully, one of the element14 community may be able to help.

    The Beaglebone works fine plugged directly into a monitor, the Lapdock works…

  • BBB - Restart SSH service (or even reboot board) from Cloud9 IDE?

    Hi, I hope you are all well.


    Twice in 6 months, my BBB has locked me out of an SSH connection (standard Angstrom distribution, the only additions are lighttpd and PHP, using a static IP). The standard webserver on port 80 and a lighttpd server on port…

  • Directly connect camera sensor to BBB through serial interface

    Hi all, I was wondering if it would be possible to connect a simple camera to the BBB using one of the serial interfaces placed on it (SPI, I2C, ...).

    I've been looking at the work of (here), which is amazing. He uses PRU and shared memory.…

  • WIFI dongle on beaglebone black


    I am working on beaglebone black trying to integrate TP link TL-WN721N Wifi dongle which uses atheros driver.

    I am using linux 3.2 kernel with ti-sitara rootfs


    The problem is when is type the command

                                  wpa_supplicant -Dwext -i wlan0 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant…

  • BBView 7" LCD does not work on BeagleBone Black (Rev A6)

    Hi there


    I just bought a 7" LCD expansion cape for my BBB. However, I could not get the LCD to display anything.

    I could perfectly test the keypads and LEDs without the LCD connected to the cape. When the LCD is connected, however, there is a background…

  • BBB + LCD3 Cape Boot Portrait Orientation

    Caveat: Total Newb.  I know NOTHING about linux, but for my purposes I don't think much is needed (perhaps I am wrong, I am a Newb).


    Recently got a BBB and LCD3 (TFT) cape.  Flashed to latest angstrom so lcd3 would work, all good their.


    Trying to make…

  • Which IDE and Language to program Raspberry Pi & Beagle Bd Black

    And where do I download it?

    This may have been answered before

    but having trouble locating the info.


    Lloyd - DigiTek


  • BeagleBone Black & CNC

    How to build a driver for CNC Compatible BeagleBone Black?

  • Beaglebone CAN bus cape



    Has anyone got experience of using the CAN bus cape at the same time as the LCD4 or LCD7 capes.


    I just wondered if there were any conflicts.





  • Power Requirements for the BeagleBone Blue

    Hi, I am using the BeagleBone Blue for a robotics project, but I have no intention of using the recommended 2-cell Lipos recommended in the documentation, as they don't have enough voltage or power output for the application. I would much rather use a…

  • With BBB rev c.  is there a need for an audio cape?

    I see references to Audio cape and Audio cape with DVI capabilities.  But they don't seem to be in stock anywhere which makes me wonder with the newest revision of BeagleBone are they needed anymore?  It would seem some type of Audio Cape/USB sound…

  • BB-VIEW with CBB-Serial cape on BeagleBone Black

    I want to use together the BB-View cape and the CBB-Serial cape from Logic Supply on the BeagleBone Black for a CAN communication.

    The BB-View cape uses the P9.24 pin as USER1 button, but this the DCAN1_RX pin too. The communication works perfectly before…

  • Android touch

    I am looking to build an android media player with a single board computer and a 3.5 inch touch screen

    i want to make it as cheap as possible plus i would like:


    3.5 inch + captive touch screen

    camera (front and rear if possible)

    built in battery



  • Pre-compiled image for BB-View on BeagleBone Black?

    Hey guys,


    I am having issues getting my 7-inch BB-View running on the BB Black. Can someone share a pre-compiled Debian image with me that will get me up and running so I can test to see if my BB-View Cape is dead?

  • Double DRAM capacity on Beaglebone Black

    Is there a demand for more than 512MB DDR3 memory on the Beaglebone Black?

    Intelligent Memory is in production with 8Gbit DDR3 components with a single chip-select (part# IM8G16D3FBBG)  that would make it possible to upgrade the Beaglebone to 1GB by replacing…

  • BBB Angstrom BB view Calibration Problem

    Hey again


    i have a problem with my BBB and the BB View 4.3


    when I click in the left upper corner on my touchscreen the cursor moves in the right lower corner. So it is totaly uncalibratet. But when I try to calibrate it the same happens in the calibration…

  • unable to run the BB View 4.3 with beaglebone black

    hey I'm very new at Element14.


    Yesterday I got my beaglebone black and the BB View 4.3" LCD Display


    I was trying to run the display on the BBB but I failed and I don't know why.


    What I did:

    1. I got the latest Image from BeagleBoard.org - latest…