• BB Black Android app use of IO

    Hi All,


    I've been looking at the new BBB and noticed that it supports Android. Since I do a fair bit of Android development for work, I thought that would make it relatively easy for me to then control a BBB by writing apps for it.


    However, in my searches…

  • BB-VIEW 7" - Bad Unit or Terrible Touchscreen?

    So I bought a while ago a BB-VIEW 7" and tried it out because I had a project in mind but had issues with the poor documentation and the fact I was borrowing a BBB at the time.


    I've bitten the bullet and got a new BBB recently but the documentation…

  • Time Stamping on a NanoSecond Scale

    Hello BeagleBone Experts!

    I'm making a coincidence counter for an optics experiment.


    So currently the problem is this:

    An event of interest occurs at a frequency of 6-7KHz. This is in the form of 50ns pulses. I need to 'time-stamp' these events i.e.…

  • Non-Linux operating systems on BeagleBone Black?

    I'm a long-time http://www.openbsd.org/ fan, and for a long time OpenBSD has poor support for ARM boards.  This changed a few years ago when the OpenBSD team coded support for the Beagle{board,bone}, Panda, and other armv7 variants.  I grabbed a beaglebone…

  • Starting LXDE on latest Debian Build with BB-View

    I've just downloaded the latest Debian build and added the patches to use BB-View but can't seem to get the desktop from the windows manager to appear on the LCD display. During the boot process the tux logo appears together with other startup…

  • Qt5 on TI SDK image for BB View

    Hi all, I need to port Qt5 on BeagleBone Black and use it with BB View.

    I'm actually using TI SDK image in my board and the demos works fine. I also can run Qt4 demo ("animated tiles" ecc...) without problems.

    My problem is that I can't build…

  • Enabling TIMER4 output on Beaglebone Black



    I'm trying to get things set up to use TIMER4 (or 5, 6, or 7) to provide an external clock source to another component and I'm having some trouble. For now I'm happy with just getting the standard 24khz clock, though I may want to be able to modify…

  • BBB, BB-View and I2C port usage

    I am using  a BeagleBone Black with Angstrom OS and BB-View 4.3 inch LCD and am needing to use i2c as well.


    I see that the bb-view uses pins P9-17/18 which are i2c1 but that is also uses P-20 as GPIO for LED1.


    Question is, can I still somehow use I2C 2 …

  • BB view 7" LCD colours incorrect using Angstrom supplied

    Using a BeagleBone Black and BB view with 7" LCD Panel.


    With the Angstrom distribution supplied with BB view the colours are incorrect, (it seems there is the RED/BLUE switch) has anyone else experienced this and

    know of a solution.


    The board is working…

  • Problem getting WIFI + PWM + PYTHON/PYGAME working on the same distro.

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for some help.

    I'm working on a robotic project with my beaglebone black, and my problem is with which distro use.

    I need to have WIFI dongle, PWM working and python and pygame installed.

    I tried the latest ubuntu image (04…

  • BB view, Can't boot TI SDK image to BBB

    I am having trouble getting the TI SDK image to boot on BBB. I  wrote the image file,

    bb-view-emmc-flasher-2013-09-09.img to a micro ad card and flashed the emmc accordingly. After Flashing the BBB (all LEDs steady lit after only 15 mins, vs the typical…

  • Module ftdi_sio missing on BBB TI SDK Image

    Hi guys,


    I am running TI SDK Image on BBB with BB-VIEW. I have troubles to attach Serial-to-USB cable to USB-OTG on BBB. System recognized it but doesn't attach to any tty*.
    Than I figured out that usual driver ftdi_sio missing on this build.

    Do you…

  • No Serial Ports after Installing BB View

    I installed BB View on the Beaglebone Black with the latest angstrom.

    After installing the display kernel the display works well.

    But now the serial ports (uart 1 - 4, ttyO1 - ttyO4) do not work anymore.

    Before installing thy worked with my software.



  • Custom SBC based on BBB

    Does anyone have any experience with building their own SBC design based on the BeagleBone Black ?


    For example I was wanting to take the schematics and build a replica but with some changes.  Another ethernet port, much less breakout of the GPIO etc, on…

  • Directly connect camera sensor to BBB through serial interface

    Hi all, I was wondering if it would be possible to connect a simple camera to the BBB using one of the serial interfaces placed on it (SPI, I2C, ...).

    I've been looking at the work of (here), which is amazing. He uses PRU and shared memory.…

  • Max ratings for the BBB outputs...



    I'm trying to make sense of the Datasheet for the AM3359 and it seem to me the GPIO is limited to 6ma (some even 4ma) each and 100ma total (on VDDSHV6).

    So it seem to me that I should really buffer the I/O and not drive an LED straight from…

  • I cannot flash BBB eMMC

    Hi all,


    I am wroting down here these lines beacause I am quite confused, and maybe I am doing something wrong and I still don't know it.

    I have a BBB revision A6. As far as I though, BBB boots from internal eMMC, and can not boot from SD, but

    I doanloaded…

  • Access my BeagleBone Black anywhere?

    I have a BBB, a battery pack, and a Ethernet connection to a router. I need to access the BBB via my VNC client, but cant seem to do that unless I have it plugged (via USB) into my laptop.


    Is there a way for me to just turn the battery pack on, plug it…

  • new to the bbb devolping a peice of test equipment for my job and would love to find some help

    I am a hardware guy and honestly have no clue when it comes to writing code, programs, and apps. Looking for some help with a peice of test equipment I am designing for my job. Recently purchased a bbb and I am going to use it as a test, what I am trying…

  • Export Paperwork (End User Undertaking)

    I have ordered a BBB via AUS/NZ site ...yes another distraction.


    I was surprised at the export documentation required for this, including this very interesting snip.

    We further certify that the goods will not be used for any purpose connected with chemical…
  • Which IDE and Language to program Raspberry Pi & Beagle Bd Black

    And where do I download it?

    This may have been answered before

    but having trouble locating the info.


    Lloyd - DigiTek


  • wilc3000 with sama5d3 xplained

    iam trying to connect wilc3000 using spi interface with sama5d3 xplained .iam following the wilc300 device porting guide ,i got .ko file is generated when i try to insmod the .ko file in sama5d3 in dmesg it is showing probed sucess.



    [  152.940940] WILC_SPI…

  • BBB CE Certificate

    How/Where can I ge the BBB CE & FCC certificate?

  • Beaglebone black Rev C mmc2_cmd/device tree

    I am working with BBB Rev 6, and want to  connect RS9113-N00-S1N Evaluation kit to BBB using SDIO interface.

    I am trying to find connector pin number which is connected  mmc2_cmd, but  I cannot see that information in  e14 BBB_SRM_rev 0.9.pdf document.


  • With BBB rev c.  is there a need for an audio cape?

    I see references to Audio cape and Audio cape with DVI capabilities.  But they don't seem to be in stock anywhere which makes me wonder with the newest revision of BeagleBone are they needed anymore?  It would seem some type of Audio Cape/USB sound…