• What WEB Server is running on the BBB out of the box?

    When I attach my BBB to my computer, I can view 'flash drive' WEB pages from the mounted BBB. For this to happen, no WEB Server is required as my computers browser is just reading the various web files needed to view the content as a "web page".…

  • Strange Prices

    Could anybody from Farnell administration explain their prices policy.

    Official Beaglebone black price is $45, your price here is €40.29 plus delivery to Russia €20 via UPS.


    Are you allright?


    I write this message because I got a rather cynical letter from…

  • Windows Embedded?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to run Windows Embedded on Beaglebone Black?  I've downloaded the WEC7 image from the Adeneo web site, and prepared an SD card as in the instructions, but it won't boot in my Beaglebone Black - it just sits there with…

  • BeagleBone RED

    Ah.. much better


    and before someone asks, no it's not photoshopped !


    I used thesethese 0603 leds, not fun to solder.  I bought some 0402 replacement resistors too, but looks like I don't need them - good thing, as I wasn't looking forward to soldering…

  • BBB with thermal array

    Not specifically BBB-related, but anyway..

    The circuit was a quick hack on stripboard. The code is attached to dump the temperature values

    as text.

    The actual device is quite small, metal can.

  • BBB and FreeBSD

    I'm interested in dumping the Ang(er-inducing)strom Linux on my new BeagleBoard and getting FreeBSD up and running on it instead. The target of this work would be an embedded server, where we don't need Gnome, etc, but do need small, fast and easily configurable…

  • Pinmux - enabling SPI

    As the Black has a new 3.8.x generation kernel, omap_mux has gone and we're in the realms of using pinctrl for setting up the pins on the expansion headers.


    Looking through the bonescript library it appears to try omap_mux and if that fails it just…

  • I Found Boris

  • Have a question about the Next-Gen BeagleBone? Ask it here!

    There is a lot of excitement about TI's Next-Gen BeagleBone. If you have a specific question about its performance characteristics, tech specs, or anything else, post it as a reply to this thread. We are working closely with TI and will make sure to respond…