• I2C Evaluation on MaaXBoard-mini

    It seems like there is a gap in the Linux user manual for the Maaxboard-mini when it comes to i2c. Is there any documentation surrounding this? I can't see any scope activity on pins 27/28 with i2cdetect -y 3, is there some command for enabling the J1…

  • For MaaxBoard MINI - with eMMC (no sdcard) how do you flash it?

        I am attempting to use the eMMC version of the MaaxBoard mini (instead of sdcard version).

    I reviewed documentation on that, but I need additional help.



    The manual to burn the image to eMMC was written in 2019 and it is for IMX8M (MaaxBoard – not…

  • Gstreamer and Maaxboard mini

    Regarding the commands found in this document:




    I'm using the MaaXBoard_Mini-LinuxShipmentImage-Debian-V1.0.2r05.img on SD card.  When I list the device…

  • MaaxBoard Mini and Sony IMX219 based camera module?



    I'm trying to bring up a Sony IMX219 based camera module on the MaaxBoard Mini.  I see that there is a MIPI driver for the similar OV5640 based modules already in the build.  Is there support on the platform (either Debian or Yocto) for the Sony…

  • Build broken for maaxboard-debian-build Avnet repo



    I'm looking at the repo:




    Just running the script it shows in the readme is trying to make downloads from a github repo at “”.  It looks like the maaxboard-mini.ini file contains this IP…

  • Yocto Linux V1.1 of the MaaXBoard-Mini still has 'uEnv.txt' file boot issue

    I just rebuilt from the latest Yocto Linux from the https://github.com/Avnet/meta-maaxboard/commit/a54e9d43293a33cb7d2e58ba2eed26b7bca35235  (tip of master).

    The 'uEnv.txt' problem was supposed to have been fixed in previous commit "a5a1e534326712456e53fea0b698bb89a1398bcc…