• High Security version of BBB

    Dear element 14,


    Would you consider making a version of BBB that has high security version of the TI SoC.


    In this day and age of systems being compromised, it would be great to have an open source friendly piece of HW when the owner would control the security…

  • BBB s2/ "user boot" button not working on element14 board?

    I have several BBBs from circuitio and the standard procedure is to load an emmc flasher via SD card and power the board on while holding the S2 aka "user boot" button. Actually with the circutio boards the S2 button is usually optional because the default…

  • Use USB Memory Stick for Expanded FS BBB

    Is it possible to expand the Linux file system on the Beaglebone Black's eMMC onto a USB memory stick? I understand that it's possible to use lvm2 to create volume groups and logical volumes that will do what I want, but as the eMMC drive is necessarily…

  • Qt4 on Debian BBB

    I was trying to compile Qt 4.8.5 because I couldn't find a package for the BBB.  Using make, I ran across a number of errors during the build process. Each time the make results in different errors. I have been following these instructions for compiling…

  • BB-View with ubuntu 14.04?

    I have the drivers for a camera, which unfortunately only work with windows or ubuntu.

    I was wondering if there is any patch to get the BB-View touchscreen to work on the latest ubuntu arm (14.04).

    So far I've been unsuccessful.

    If it is not compatible…

  • BB-View Touchscreen jitter?


    I just got a BBB and BB-view for a project.

    I am running the most recent Angstrom build from element14's website.

    Whenever I hold down a stylus on the touchscreen, the cursor seems to jitter a few pixels in each direction.

    For my project I need it…

  • Beaglebone Black wrong cable, bad connector

    I just got one from you guys, and it came with a mini-USB cable, and the connector on the board looks like micro USB. I say 'looks like' because it's too small for all my micro USB cables, which work fine with other devices. What can we do about this…

  • Micro sd and internal memory use at the same time

    It is possible to use the internal memory of the beaglebone and the MicroSD at the same time. For example, the MMC1 to store the files necessary for starting, and the MicroSD to store information in the database.

  • Beaglebobe Black Static IP rentention

    Dear All,


    I am using Beaglebone black device as an Energy Monitoring device in my IOT Projects. The application reads data through USB (Modbus RTU) and sends it to remote cloud through MQTT. There are around 15-20 Beaglebone Black devices such devices…

  • Beaglebone black interface camera module OV2640

    Respected Sir,


    I need to connect OV2640 Camera sensor module with the help of Device tree overlay on BBB please guide me.



  • Ben Heck's Beaglebone Black Geocache

    A few years back Ben created a BeagleBone Geocache that saved pictures and messages when discovered. Currently, I have my hands on it and am curious what you would like to see added or changed on the build. I have some experience with Raspberry Pis, but…

  • USB0 boot steps in Beaglebone

    Hi Sir,


    I would like to know about the steps used for usb0 booting

  • Beagle Bone Black Serial UART Speed is Slow

    I am using the BBB and setting up UARTS one the I/O pins.

    Example UART4, P9 pins 11 and 13.

    I am set for 9600 baud

    Im looking at teh bit patter on an oscilloscope and notice the serial speed comes out of the port at a rate slower than 9600 baud (about 7…

  • BBBW kernel panic



    I've recently got myself a Beaglebone Black Wireless. It gets a kernel panic every time I power it on.

    I have tried multiple SD card images, also tried disabling modules in uEnv.txt. The board is effectively bricked, I have not seen a single…

  • Beaglebone black wanted to use i2c with c on LCD2004 pcf8574t

    I m new in c programing language and embedded .

      i've tried to take some exemples from internet and make them run for me trying to display something.The first i come across this :

    that use iobb.h . i've tried to understand this library over 1week now…

  • BeagleBone AI demos fail with 'Address already in use'

    I'm trying the "dummy" and "classification" demos with my BeagleBone AI but compilation always fails with the following error


    bind: Address already in use

    bind: Address already in use

    o: server_thread(): bind(8080) failed


  • BB-CAPE-DISP-CT43    LCD Display Cape diagram

    Hello , where can i find diagram for this cape ?


  • SSID and Password change for default access point

    Beagle Bone AI board creates wi fi access point with bootup. Default ssid is BeagleBone-XXXX and password is BeagleBone.

    Can we change both of them? Is there any way to do it?

  • Get zero for clock_gettime(CLOCK_PROCESS_CPUTIME_ID, &start);


    I am using clock_gettime(CLOCK_PROCESS_CPUTIME_ID, &start); function in my code on Ubuntu and it gives me correct time but the same code compiled for Pocketbeagle returns 0.

    Any ideas ? I am making a PID controller and I need to know "last time…

  • PocketBeagle with Midas LCD

    Hi There,

    I am trying to get Midas LCD (http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/2825693.pdf?_ga=2.133739021.2051231456.1578547647-151509622.1578547647 ) working with pocket beagle.

    I have tried mainly three different configuration but none of them seem to work…

  • Any info on using the BeagleBone AI's Embedded Vision Engines?

    The Beaglebone AI looks amazing, but I can't seem to find any info on making use of the 4 Embedded Vision Engines in the Sitara AM5729. Does anyone know of any good quick starts or examples?

    I've found a few things linked from this page, but that's…

  • Booting SD card redirects to emmc?

    When I boot Stretch with the /boot/uEnv.txt  containing this:




    Then the SD card will start booting, all the LEDs pause, then restart and it boots from emmc instead!  Is this a bug?

    My emmc is loaded with Jessie, so I can…

  • Debug BBB from Windows Eclipse/DS-5 /CCS IDE

    I have a DS-5 IDE running on my Windows 10 PC, and I'm able to cross-compile Linux applications for the BeagleBone.

    I've never been able to get the debugger working though. I'd like to attach to my cross-compiled program that's executing on the BBB…

  • Android lagging on Beaglebone Black

    I have an android 4.4 kitkat loaded on my sd card (sdhc class 10), with a GUI loaded with different apps such as to monitor two sensor values and to control the GPIOs of the beaglebone black amongst many other apps, but my GUI keeps on lagging on the…

  • CC2650 Sensortag/Beaglebone black gatttool error

    Hello all,

    I am using a beaglebone black to try and connect to the CC2650 sensortag and just read temperature. I have the newest version of Bluez and Debian on the beaglebone and using the most current revision of the sensortag FW.


    Using this blog post…