• Requisite Stuffs for the BeagleBone AI Board

    I am going to purchase the BeagleBone AI shortly.

    What additional stuff are you recommend to run the BeagleBone AI?

    Please inform me of a few candidates for the following extras.

    (exact product name and maker name)

    - Power Adapter.

    - Cooling Fan or Cooling…

  • Accessing GPIO and PWM on BeagleBone AI

    I'm running through the BeagleBone examples for the AI, but the ones that attempt to read or write to pins throw errors in both Python and bonescript.


    Here is the output from analoginout.js:


    Hit ^C to stop

    info: No pinmux for P9_14


      var r = binding…

  • Beagle Bone AI

    I say this posted a while ago, but feel it is relevant for the current new Beagle Bone AI. For those who want the details, try this link.

    But for the visual folks, we have:


  • Any info on using the BeagleBone AI's Embedded Vision Engines?

    The Beaglebone AI looks amazing, but I can't seem to find any info on making use of the 4 Embedded Vision Engines in the Sitara AM5729. Does anyone know of any good quick starts or examples?

    I've found a few things linked from this page, but that's…

  • BeagleBone®︎ Quiz

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    BeagleBoneRegistered Quiz

    Quiz | Featured Products | Accessories | Technical Specification | Getting Started | FAQs | BeagleBoardRegistered 


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    The BeagleBoneRegistered Quiz will test your know-how when it comes to using and setting…

  • BeagleBone®︎ AI Fan Cape

    The BeagleBoneRegistered AI Fan Cape is a simple add-on cape with pass-through pins on the BeagleBoneRegistered headers. Once attached, the fan cape will keep the BeagleBoneRegistered cool, allowing it to run at the maximum 1.5Ghz processor speed without speed throttling in ideal…

  • BeagleBone®︎ AI - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


    When will the BeagleBoneRegistered AI be available for purchase? Where can I buy it?

    This hardware is now available…

  • A Comparison of BeagleBone AI and the Ultra96 for Machine Learning

    Since it was first coined in the 1950s, artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have colonized a substantial share of advanced machines. This happened as AI computing, specifically ML, enables a better quality of life with the technology…

  • UPDATE: under 40 degrees C!!! Lowest idle cpu temp so far on the BeagleBone AI SBC! how-to and pictures inside

    OK, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that this board gets H-O-T. It's not something to be held in the palm of your hand, so it's not that critical. Until it is. Because, as all/most CPUs, it halts when reaching a certain temperature in order to prevent…

  • BeagleBone AI (BB-AI) - Getting Started

    • Introduction
    • Heatsinking
    • Adding a Fan
    • Serial Console Cable
    • Power Supply
    • Powering Up
    • Upgrading the Software
    • Measuring the Temperature
    • Changing Passwords and Adding Users
    • Configuring WiFi
    • Summary



    I was really happy to recently…

  • BeagleBone AI BB-AI Photos for Documentation Purposes

    Some photos of the BB-AI!

    Transparent background, for copying into documents:




    Some higher-res photos (normal background):





    BB-AI dimensions (note - these dimensions were partially measured, so there may be an inaccuracy of perhaps 0.5 mm in places (and maybe…