• Cryptographic App' exploiting the Freescale iMX6 CAAM

    I've already ask my question here :


    Cryptographic App' exploiting the Freescale iMX6 CAAM


    But in order to impact the most people as possible I put the link here. (Sorry for spamming some people )


    Thank you in advance for your answers.


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  • Jelly Bean 4.3 uImage, boot.img Issue


    I hope someone can help me on this. This is for the Freescale IMX6Q tablet (Zenithink C-94). This really is a good tablet that never a chance. Originally came out with ICS 4.0 on it. Freescale released the source for Jelly Bean 4.3. I have built a…

  • Build Android for i.MX Issue 2



    When I type this command I get this error.


    $ make mx6q-sabrelite_android_config

    make: *** No rule to make target `mx6q-sabrelite_android_config'.  Stop.


    How do I fix this? I can not type


    $ make

    after that because I get:


    System not configured - see RE…

  • Build Android for i.MX Issue



    The documentation for  building u-boot and kernel images seems to have a problem with this command:


    $ export CROSS_COMPILE=~/android-imx6-r13.3/prebuilt/linux-x86/toolchain/arm-eabi-



    This does not exist. It seems to be incomplete. What…

  • MarS board eMMC

    Question to the e14 folks.


    Do you have any information, datasheet, whatever on the FORESEE NCEMBM11-04G eMMC chip on the MarS board ?  I'm having problems getting it to cooperate with the imx usdhci driver in linux 3.15-rc1, unfortunately fixing it is…

  • Uses of the SABRE Light i.MX6 Platform Development Kit?

    This probably sounds like a very noobish question (mainly because I am a noob), but are there any uses of the SABRE Light i.MX6 Platform Development Kit other than pretty much just using it as a mini computer?

  • using Freescale's sources to build an ltib image for Sabre Lite fails

    Hello everyone,

    I am following https://community.freescale.com/message/312022 . I have an Element14 sabre-lite instead of one of the 3 boards that freescale offers.

    I have downloaded the sources and docs and I am following the guide (found from L3.0.35_1…

  • Windows on SABRE-Lite!

    Hello SABRE-Lite developers!


    Want to try Windows Embedded Compact 2013 or Windows Embedded Compact 7 on your Element14 Sabre-Lite? Want to develop applications in C# or VB.NET or plain old C/C++ for your Sabre-Lite using Visual Studio?


    Take a look here…

  • Differences between Element 14 Sabrelite and Boundary Devices SabreLite



    I've been working with the SABRE Lite BSP offered now with WEC2013.


    We have 4 of the Element 14 SABRE Lite boards and have successfully booted WinCE 2013, however we have struggled to get HDMI working and some of the board peripherals.



  • FREE contest organized by Elektroniknet.de : 5x boards Element14 i.MX6 Sabre-Lite to WIN

    If some of you are interested in evaluating FOR FREE this single computer board alternative to the Raspberry-Pi


    Just register HERE to get a chance to win one of the five Element14 i.MX6 Sabre-Lite board.


    More information concerning Elektroniknet.de : WWW…