• CAN interface in i.MX6 Quad | SABRE LITE

    Hello friends,


    Greetings to all!!


    Can anybody let me know if you have used the CAN interface and built any application over it?


    I am planning to buy development kit for i.MX6 quad for a CAN based project. Please throw some light.


    Thanks in advance.

  • Yocto and IMX 6 Element14 devlopment kit

    Good morning,


         I just received my IMX 6 Element 14 devlopment Kit and I try to put some free linux on it. My goal is to use the 2D and 3D graphical card's acceleration. So I try first to build the sabre_lite yocto image as in the thread ( https://community…

  • Sabre-Lite Gerbers ?

    Do element14/embest have any plans to make gerbers available ?


    It would be useful to be able to seperate VDD_SNVS_IN (G11) from VDDHIGH_IN_1/2 (H9,J9) and connect VDD_SNVS_IN to a 3v coincell to enable a useful RTC. However it's not clear if this would…

  • Will a 2GB version be available ?

    The schematics seem to suggest that the 1GB of onboard memory has the option of using different devices to provide 2GB.


    Is there any intention to sell a version of the Sable-Lite with 2GB or the iMX6's theoretical 4GB maximum ?


    Having a fast quad-core…

  • Will Element 14 be selling breakout boards/cables for the Sabre-Lite ?

    For example I'd like to be able to do some stuff with the PCIe interface on J23 which is a  "7Pin Connector 53047-0710 Pitch:1.25mm; MOLEX".


    When searching for the parts to make up a cable it appears I'll need the following:

    MOLEX - 51021…

  • Differences between Element 14 Sabrelite and Boundary Devices SabreLite



    I've been working with the SABRE Lite BSP offered now with WEC2013.


    We have 4 of the Element 14 SABRE Lite boards and have successfully booted WinCE 2013, however we have struggled to get HDMI working and some of the board peripherals.



  • Arch linux ?

    archlinuxarm.org has http://archlinuxarm.org/platforms/armv7/nitrogen6x which while technically for the boundary nitrogen6x board may just be able to boot on a Sabre-Lite.  I'll test it sometime in the next couple of days when my new microSD cards arrive…

  • Boundary Devices iMX6 blog posts

    The Boundary Devices guys have a load of interesting iMX6 info including kernel patches and various fixes in their blog


  • iMX6 ethernet throughput improvements

    Interesting writeup on improving ethernet throughput from Boundary Devices:


  • CNX iMX6 resources

    Not Sabre-Lite specific, but full of lots of useful info none the less.



    Of interest here might be the Android BSP

  • eewiki - i.MX6 Sabre-Lite

    Lots of useful info on how to compile your own kernel, build your own u-boot, use the usb-otg utils to 'unbrick' your board.



    note that if you go this route to get a mainline linux kernel…

  • Freescale iMX6 community

    Lots of useful info for Sabre-Lite / iMX6


  • Sabre-Lite WinCE BSP

  • Linaro Sabre-Lite resources

  • Sabre-Lite: Embest, an element14 company