• MaaxBoard HDMI not working


    I just received my MaaxBoard and flashed the SD card with multiple different oob images I found on your sites and none have worked long enough for me to modify my display or network settings

    Is there a specific image that i should be using?



  • Gstreamer and Maaxboard mini

    Regarding the commands found in this document:




    I'm using the MaaXBoard_Mini-LinuxShipmentImage-Debian-V1.0.2r05.img on SD card.  When I list the device…

  • MaaxBoard Debian Image - Tips, Add-Ins, and Fixes

    Hello All,


    Now that we have the official Debian image for the MaaxBoard we have been tearing away at building the system for our needs. In the process we are coming across some changes and modifications that I'll log in this thread to hopefully save others…