I m working with the FRDM - KL25Z platform. I m a student at Computer and Informatics Engineering Department of Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece and I want to know how can i change the colours by using the slider and the accelerometer…

  • Gertboard test suite

    Hello, sorry if my question seem stupid, but I have only two days experience with Rasperry and Gertboard .I' using Raspbian.

    Well I'm working with the Gert's demo program "leds". By using the file make file, source code and objet code I have got with…

  • beaglebone black help

    im new when it comes to dev kits. i recently bought a BBB, thinking i can make a BBB turn into a portable/moble caonsole. i also bought a case, and a 4D LCD43 cape for it. i want to put MAME on it; after looking i found mamebone. just to see if im on…

  • signal jammer circuit design

    Simple Mobile Jammer Circuit |How Cell Phone Jammer Works?

    Iin the above circuit as per to them it works for the 450 Mhz . but my calculation says it;s 277 Mhz .(based on lc oscillation formula [f=1/2*pi*sqrt{lc}] . am I right .


  • Help finding THT alternatives to SMD components for Potentiostat project

    Dear Community


    I hope (but doubt) that this is posted in the correct place and manner, please forgive my lack of experience doing this


    I am currently attempting to save my laboratory/university a lot of money by designing a custom potentiostat rather than…

  • Pilotage d'une LED RGB par 3 PWM 16bits dans un microcontroleur 8 broches

    Vous êtes à la recherche d'une solution ultra low-cost pour piloter une LED RGB avec une palette couleur étendue ?

    Vous voulez piloter cette led par l'intermédiaire d'un canal UART ou LIN ?

    Vous souhaitez réguler cette LED par un régulateur…

  • Graphite to make LED's light up

    I learned something interesting, many of you might already know but I thought I'd share. Pencil lines carry electricity and act as a resistor at the same time. If you draw 2 heavy pencil lines and hook a 9 volt battery to it (One side positive and the…

  • keyboard for Rasberry pi

    HI Ben,


    Can you please share circuit diagram and sourcecode for rasberry pi keyboard.