• Rotate Components Less than 90 degree


    I have query on Rotate the components with circular board. I can rotate the component 90 degree rotation without any issue, i need to rotate the components 10 or 20 degree. when i rotate 10 ro 20 degree, iam getting lines and pads are creating like…

  • Trying to place track in CadSoft Eagle version 6.


    I have for the last 20 years used Protel in a DOS environment, now thinking it's time to move on  I  am trying to get to grips with another PCB design software to this end I have downloaded CadSoft Eagle version 6 complete with tutorial. Having started…

  • Route command problem

    When I want to draw a route from a pad of let's say a  DIL device then I can do it if I draw it at the top layer side. When I then want to draw a second one from the botom side the route color switches automatically to top again and I have no access…

  • Changing wire widths mid wire

    I want to have a net class for power that is wider than the default track width however when the power reaches an IC with pin spacing less than the size of the power track I need to slim it down just to enter the IC.  I can do this by reducing the width…

  • Schematic from board layout?

    I've accidentally deleted folder with files of project that i'm working on.. I've managed to recover .brd file, but I cannot recover .sch one.


    Is there any way to get schematic from board layout? I've been lurking around, but still nothing…

  • Suggestion for EAGLE

    EAGLE is the best PCB software package I've used so far, as It's easy to use, simple, and has a wide range of existing libraries. However, one thing that I'd really like to see included in it is some sort of 3D view. This is available on other packages…

  • automatisches fernhalten bei Leiterbahnenkreuzungen oder mindestabstand der Leiterbahnen

    Guten Tag,
    Ich habe ein kleines problem, bei dem ich bis jetzt keine Antwort gefunden  habe. vielleicht habe ich dies auch nur übersehen:
    Wie kann man einstellen, dass wenn man zb über eine andere  Leiterbahn Layoutet, dies automatisch verboten wird? also…
  • Free EAGLE Workshop in Chicago


    Hey Chicago -


    If anyone in the area is interested in learning EAGLE, then check out this free workshop in Wicker Park on Thursday:




    Intro to PCB Layout with EAGLECAD

    Alex Barnett @ dorkbot Chicago on Thursday October 28th at 7pm





    I’m looking forward to it!