• Footprint for a sim card holder to be used in eagle cad for a pcb layout of a sim 900 HELP


         Im trying to lay out a PCB for my sinor design project and dont have a foot print for a sim card holder the sim card holder i have can be found here C707 10M006 0492 Amphenol-Tuchel Electronics | 361-1021-6-ND | DigiKey  if anyone can direct me to…

  • Rotate Components Less than 90 degree


    I have query on Rotate the components with circular board. I can rotate the component 90 degree rotation without any issue, i need to rotate the components 10 or 20 degree. when i rotate 10 ro 20 degree, iam getting lines and pads are creating like…

  • Trying to place track in CadSoft Eagle version 6.


    I have for the last 20 years used Protel in a DOS environment, now thinking it's time to move on  I  am trying to get to grips with another PCB design software to this end I have downloaded CadSoft Eagle version 6 complete with tutorial. Having started…

  • File Conversion

    I have a couple of old projects in PADS, is there a conversion to Eagle?




  • Schematic from board layout?

    I've accidentally deleted folder with files of project that i'm working on.. I've managed to recover .brd file, but I cannot recover .sch one.


    Is there any way to get schematic from board layout? I've been lurking around, but still nothing…

  • Solder mask thickness


    we actual have a problem with a product, because the solder mask of the PCB has higher thickness then the copper. Now I'm looking for rules or standards describing this. Where can I find this?

    Best Regards,

  • Cant find the PLCC-44s package in Eagle 5.10

    I used to use the 'plcc-S44' package from the 'IC-Package ' library in earlier versions of Eagle.  I cant seem to find it in v5.10.

    Its a 44 pin through hole adapter for a PLCC package [XC9532]
    I tried looking through all the libraries manually…

  • Triax connector, PCB mount

    Hi everyone

    i'm a PhD in Electronics, and i'm totally a newbie in the field, since my university background is in Physics. For my project i'm working with EAGLE, and amongst the devices i'm preparing, there's a Voltage Amplifier to be used in a 4 probe…

  • Eagle library for audio connectors?

    Hi there,


    I'm trying to find any of bellow listed footprint for audio connectors in Eagle CAD and I can't believe that there is no such of it.

    A few of them are standard (old style, maybe 10 year old layouts) but I can't find nothing similar searching…

  • HI,everyone!Do u remember why u come here?

    I saw so many different countries people discussed here!


    Do u remember why u come here?

  • Unable to connect SMD Components

    Hi All


    I am currently working on a project that requires me to make a PCB. I am having trouble connecting SMD components - SO18W300  and 1X03_SMD_RA_MALE (Sparkfun Connector) in Eagle CAD.


    I am attaching the a screenshot for reference and the .brd file can…

  • Need library for RJ11 6P4C Modular Connector

    I recently bought these type of low profile RJ11 6P4C 4 Pin 90 Degree Needle Welded Type Modular Telephone Connector for my electronics project, but unfortunately I can't find any Eagle CAD library or schematic part, footprint for it.

    Is there anyone…

  • PCB based rogowski coil design software

    Hi guys,

    I need to design a rogowski coil on a 2 layer PCB.

    How can I draw a simply rogowski coil on a PCB software? Are there any ways i can do it?

    It should look something like this:

  • Suggestion for EAGLE

    EAGLE is the best PCB software package I've used so far, as It's easy to use, simple, and has a wide range of existing libraries. However, one thing that I'd really like to see included in it is some sort of 3D view. This is available on other packages…

  • Shrinking a board by a factor x

    Bit of an odd question, but I need to shrink a .brd file which just contains polygons and traces, hence no schematic, no libraries. I basically would like to select everything using the select tool and shrink by a factor x.


    Any suggestions on how to accomplish…

  • Two new EAGLE videos; DesignLink and PCB Quotes

    I just thought I'd highlight these two recent EAGLE videos in this group. The first is on DesignLink and BoMs, and the second is on PCB Quotes.


    Desginlink  w/ BOM:  http://www.element14.com/community/videos/2331

    PCB Quote:              http://www.element14.com/community…

  • Nice Summary of CadSoft EAGLE product offering

    Click this link for a nice view nof the different configurations available for CadSoft Eagle Standard and Professional editions



  • Free EAGLE Workshop in Chicago


    Hey Chicago -


    If anyone in the area is interested in learning EAGLE, then check out this free workshop in Wicker Park on Thursday:




    Intro to PCB Layout with EAGLECAD

    Alex Barnett @ dorkbot Chicago on Thursday October 28th at 7pm





    I’m looking forward to it!

  • CadSoft EAGLE development team developing XML format for schematic, layout and parts libraries!

    hello makers -


    this is my first post here, i'm the senior editor at MAKE magazine and also the creative director at adafruit. i've been part of a growing movement called "open-source hardware" for the last 5 years or so. today we just got some great news…

  • Short video example of designlink

    Short video that Jorge and I worked on.

  • PCB antenna designs



    I was wondering if someone would have a EAGLE board file ready for a 868MHz (and other bands too) PCB antenna design?


    It would be useful to collect a library of different PCB antennas if available and to of course have this available in the Cadsoft…

  • PCB design articles

    I read two interesting articles on  circuit design recently, and thought they may be of interest to the group.
    The first article is a walkthrough  that shows the different stages of building a LED dimmer PCB prototype using  EAGLE software
  • EAGLE 8.0.1 Released!

    Hi Everyone!


    We're excited to announce that EAGLE 8.0.1 is live! You can get it here.  For those that don’t already know, this is the first "point" release for EAGLE version 8, coming a few weeks after the release of the new Autodesk EAGLE.…

  • Dropping the middle mouse makes EAGLE v8 your trackpad's new best friend...

    Hi All -


    It’s no secret that using EAGLE with a laptop could at times, prove painful, if you didn’t have that magical “middle mouse” button at your fingertips...Namely when routing a board.  Having taught dozens or even hundreds of classes which have used…

  • Returning to PCB making

    Hi, I am working on a prototype PCB printer and I would really appreciate your opinion, regardless of whether you are an absolute beginner or a pro. I am a student very interested in Arduino and robotics. For one project where I started to use more components…