• Rotate Components Less than 90 degree


    I have query on Rotate the components with circular board. I can rotate the component 90 degree rotation without any issue, i need to rotate the components 10 or 20 degree. when i rotate 10 ro 20 degree, iam getting lines and pads are creating like…

  • Hide ORIGIN markers on Text items in Eagle PCB/Board file

    if you see the attached file, you will see my problem, I have hidden the layers tOrigin and bOrigin but still origin marker is showing on text.


    Also when exporting image using export, then selecting image, the PADs are exporting as filled.


    Please HELP.…

  • i need help to calculate the output  voltage i want to find the final equation

    hi all friend

    i can't find the output equation of  output voltage of this is circuit

    can  anyone here guide me

  • Eagle autorouter con Atmel2560 TQFP100

    Buongiorno a tutti, sono nuovo di questo forum e volevo chiedere il vostro aiuto in merito ad un problema che sto incontrando in questi giorni..


    Dopo aver fatto lo schema di un mio progetto nel quale uso un Atmega2560, lo sbroglio del pcb mi risulta molto…

  • Tyco Electronics Footprints para Eagle

    Buenas. Estoy diseñanado una placa de componentes con Eagle y necesito saber si existe alguna librería o página donde encontrar los footprints de los siguientes conectores de Tyco Electronics:


    - 215464-6

    - 188275-6

    - 5179029-2

    - 5177983-2


    Muchas gracias de…

  • Removing un-used signal names in .brd file in 6.2.0

    I like version 6 because one can paste other board layouts onto a new board without loosing the layout.Then, the parts that are not required for the new design can be deleted.


    However, I noticed that the .brd file was getting much larger than the schematic…

  • Probleme im Umgang mit Vias

    Hallo Richard,


    erste wichtige Frage für mich: Kann ich mit einem Via überhaupt drei Layer auf einmal verbinden? Es sieht so aus als ob das gar nicht geht, da noch eine Luftlinie bleibt. Ich habe dazu mal StillVisibleAirWire2.png angehängt.


    Die zweite: Immer…

  • Route command problem

    When I want to draw a route from a pad of let's say a  DIL device then I can do it if I draw it at the top layer side. When I then want to draw a second one from the botom side the route color switches automatically to top again and I have no access…

  • Changing wire widths mid wire

    I want to have a net class for power that is wider than the default track width however when the power reaches an IC with pin spacing less than the size of the power track I need to slim it down just to enter the IC.  I can do this by reducing the width…

  • non-circular holes for DC adapter

    Hello, I wish to put this on a board


    But I cannot figure out how to make rectangular holes for the life of me, how do I do it in eagle?

  • Looking for Feedback on a PCB design

    HI folks! First off, I just wanted to say that I am completely new to this Forum and PCB CAD design in general, so forgive me if I am posting in the wrong place and please kindly point me in the right direction. That said, I've been playing around with…

  • Suggestion for EAGLE

    EAGLE is the best PCB software package I've used so far, as It's easy to use, simple, and has a wide range of existing libraries. However, one thing that I'd really like to see included in it is some sort of 3D view. This is available on other packages…

  • Using the inner layer for more than GND and VDD



    At first thanks for your always quick and useful help.

    My question: with Eagle Standard, is it possible to use one of the inner layers for some other rutes too - at least for my second voltage VCC? If yes is there any description how to do it?



  • Nice Summary of CadSoft EAGLE product offering

    Click this link for a nice view nof the different configurations available for CadSoft Eagle Standard and Professional editions



  • CadSoft EAGLE development team developing XML format for schematic, layout and parts libraries!

    hello makers -


    this is my first post here, i'm the senior editor at MAKE magazine and also the creative director at adafruit. i've been part of a growing movement called "open-source hardware" for the last 5 years or so. today we just got some great news…

  • Short video example of designlink

    Short video that Jorge and I worked on.

  • Ideas for ULPs

    I've been wanting to start writing ULPs for functions which are not currently available in EAGLE. So I invite the EAGLE user community to post ideas for ULPs which help solve problems or are just plain cool. I'll look at the ideas the receive the most…