• Making a eagle library for MIC1557

    This is my first try at asking.

    I'm trying to create a eagle library version 6.60 for the Micrel 1557, which is an IttyBitty RC Timer/Oscillator.

    The problem is that I have created a symbol for this part and I have copied the SOT-23 package from another…

  • Designlink empty when using Modules/Hierarchical design

    I created a hierarchical schematic using Modules and now Designlink does not show any components. The BOM export generates a Bill of Materials to a file. I added a resistor to the top level schematic along with the five Modules on the page and Designlink…

  • Rotate Components Less than 90 degree


    I have query on Rotate the components with circular board. I can rotate the component 90 degree rotation without any issue, i need to rotate the components 10 or 20 degree. when i rotate 10 ro 20 degree, iam getting lines and pads are creating like…

  • Boardgrenzen erweitern


    ich habe seit einiger Zeit ein problem bei der Gestaltung des boards. Mein Problem dabei ist, dass ich nicht weiß, wie ich die Boardgrenzen erweitern kann. Indem ich den Rahmen verschiebe funktioniert es nicht.

    Hat jemand eine Idee?


    Gruß, Marvin.

  • SUPER-Newbie: Eagle

    Hello Ben and Element14 community,


    I'm a freshmen studying to get a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. I have a lot of projects that I want to start working on. And know that I've started with the first one on my list, I realized that…

  • Layout routing with live clearance check

    I would like to know if Eagle has some sort of live check on the design rules during routing a wire?

    I'm not that familiar with the "Follow-me" function, and each time I try it, it comes up with a bit too overkill solution for me.


    I haven…

  • Can't resolve implicit power pin conflicts.

    How do I resolve the problem with implicit power pins not being allowed to co exist. When different ICs  on the same project have differing power/GND names. ie. GND and V- etc.Eagle will allow only one name when connecting the signals.I have read many…

  • XML -Error (4,7):tag mismatch when running designlink-order.ulp

    I have received this error when clicking on manual search under design link:


    XML -Error (4,7):tag mismatch

    Included By: ...designlink-order.ulp


    Anyone knows how to remedy it? Thanks.

  • i need help to calculate the output  voltage i want to find the final equation

    hi all friend

    i can't find the output equation of  output voltage of this is circuit

    can  anyone here guide me

  • Unable to use the new feature 'Design Reuse'

    I just purchased Eagle 6.3.0 and trying to check the Design Reuse feature. I am facing two issues:


    1. There is no cut tool (A scissors icon). I selected a group but unable to cut it as there is no icon for this. I managed by typing 'cut'

    2. I do…

  • Tyco Electronics Footprints para Eagle

    Buenas. Estoy diseñanado una placa de componentes con Eagle y necesito saber si existe alguna librería o página donde encontrar los footprints de los siguientes conectores de Tyco Electronics:


    - 215464-6

    - 188275-6

    - 5179029-2

    - 5177983-2


    Muchas gracias de…

  • How do I output a multi page pdf of a multi sheet schematic?

    I asked this in the "ask our expert" discussion, but it seems better to use the forum as a forum rather than lots of discussions under one heading - so I'll ask it again as an easier to track item.

    I have a multi sheet schematic, and I'd…

  • BOM + Design Link suggestions


    I think that every user of EAGLE needs the BOM functionnality. We may have differents need, but the aim is the same : generate a BOM file. So I suggest we discuss about making a unique powerfull ULP that will fit every need.


    As far as I am concerned…

  • ULP : Design Link + BOM ?



    With all my projects, I use a database with the BOM-AM ulp ftp://ftp.cadsoft.de/eagle/userfiles/ulp/bom-am-17.zip. In the database, every component has a farnell reference. But my manufacturer needs the caracteristics of each of the components.…

  • non rectangular pad

    The Murata LXDC2HL series part is a micro-sized DC-DC converter with four pads.

    One is rectangular with a clipped corner as a orientation marker. I included the land layout from the spec sheet.

    Is there an easy way to make this non-standard pad?

    Or does…

  • Add power plane to circuit



    I am working on a board file for a quadcopter flight control board. I only had access to the Eagle schematic under Creative Commons so I developed a board file from it but got some help with the routing. The person who did this work didn't seem…

  • PCB based rogowski coil design software

    Hi guys,

    I need to design a rogowski coil on a 2 layer PCB.

    How can I draw a simply rogowski coil on a PCB software? Are there any ways i can do it?

    It should look something like this:

  • SMD Touch Switch (Flat PVC Board)


    I searched a lot into Eagle Library and I couldn't find equivalent SMD touch switch for the needed one. So I started to design my own Touch Switch library.

    Unfortunately, while trying to use it, the Auto Route returned unsufficient clearance into…

  • design link


    today has tray design link on schematic, bu seems not works.


    attach error below



    I just tray with old 6.1 version and has this

  • CUAUV uses EAGLE PCB tools, win big at RoboSub2014!

    Congrats to the Cornell University, Autonomous Underwater Vehicle team who submerged in success winning 1st place at RoboSub2014 competition!

    Team Leader Mark Lee speaks on how EAGLE PCB tools made the difference.


    My name is Mark Lee and I am the leader…

  • Serie de presentaciónes de EAGLE en Español

    Noticias al respecto a nuestra serie de presntaciónes en español de EAGLE

    Queremos dejarles saber a todos aquellos que piensan participar del las clases de EAGLE en español que tendremos un invitado muy especial.  Uno de los co-autores del libro “Diseño…

  • CadSoft Sponsors Virginia Tech Race Team

    Virginia Tech Formula SAE Team


    VT Formula SAE is a student-led team that challenges Virginia Tech engineering students to design and fabricate a Formula 1 style race car from initial
    concept to reality. Upon completion of the car, the team participates…

  • Electricity at EAGLE PCB Design BOOT CAMP

    A little over a week ago a group of established engineers, makers, hackers, and students met up for our anticipated EAGLE printed circuit board design Boot Camp held here at our CadSoft Computer US offices in Pembroke Pines, FL. Valuable design information…