• Rotate Components Less than 90 degree


    I have query on Rotate the components with circular board. I can rotate the component 90 degree rotation without any issue, i need to rotate the components 10 or 20 degree. when i rotate 10 ro 20 degree, iam getting lines and pads are creating like…

  • CadSoft Sponsors Virginia Tech Race Team

    Virginia Tech Formula SAE Team


    VT Formula SAE is a student-led team that challenges Virginia Tech engineering students to design and fabricate a Formula 1 style race car from initial
    concept to reality. Upon completion of the car, the team participates…

  • Suggestion for EAGLE

    EAGLE is the best PCB software package I've used so far, as It's easy to use, simple, and has a wide range of existing libraries. However, one thing that I'd really like to see included in it is some sort of 3D view. This is available on other packages…

  • CadSoft EAGLE development team developing XML format for schematic, layout and parts libraries!

    hello makers -


    this is my first post here, i'm the senior editor at MAKE magazine and also the creative director at adafruit. i've been part of a growing movement called "open-source hardware" for the last 5 years or so. today we just got some great news…

  • PCB design articles

    I read two interesting articles on  circuit design recently, and thought they may be of interest to the group.
    The first article is a walkthrough  that shows the different stages of building a LED dimmer PCB prototype using  EAGLE software