• Eagle v7.2 Export Libraries bugs?

    I think I've run into a bug in 7.2.0 Standard that defeats the Export Libraries feature much of the time. The main symptom is that during the export process a dialog pops up with "[Somefile.scr], Line [n] The Standard edition of EAGLE can't perform the…

  • Using Eagle 7.2.0 schematic modules (hobbyist version) ... net names in module, are different from net names on a board?

    From a current project Version 7.2.0, Eagle Hobbyist.


    In schematic module (say "AB-CDEF-1") net name is "SW1". This is is visible and can be manipulated routed, changed, etc. as normal. in a PCB layout. It is always showing up as AB-CDEF-1:SW1…

  • Polygon Pour/Fill causes DRC Spacing Errors

    My board fab house (Advanced Circuits in USA) has a requirement that copper regions must be spaced apart by at least 5 mils, even when the copper sections are of the same signal.   Eagle's polygon pour (fill) seems to violate this requirement regardless…

  • EAGLE V6 Autorouter Ignores Certain Airwires



    Inside the orange circle in the bottom left corner of the attached picture, there are two airwires that have not been routed by the autorouter using the default settings. As you can see, completing the trace is extremely simple, yet the autorouter…

  • Eagle 7.3 schematic: cursor missing in text boxes?

    Hi all. I just upgraded to 7.3 (64 bit version on Win7-64), and I'm noticing that when opening a dialog (in Schematic) where the cursor would position to a textbox, or simply clicking into a textbox, the text cursor doesn't appear. You have to actually…

  • Board Editor WINDOW FIT Fehler nach ADD von Bauteilen

    Wenn ich im Board-Editor WINDOW FIT (Icon) clicke, dann wird manchmal ein zu großer Bereich angezeigt.

    Das Szenario ist folgendes:

    1. Hinzufügen (ADD) von Bauteilen (im Schaltplan-Editor)

       --> die neuen Bauteile werden links unten im Board eingeblendet.…

  • Bug: Fenster Fokus mit 6.5.x auf Mac OS X



    ich verwende Eagle 6.5.0 auf Mac OS X 10.9.


    Seit Version 6 ist das Fokus-Verhalten kaputt, so das der Fokus auf sch oder pcb verloren ist, sobald ein dialog aufgepoppt ist, z.B. bei 'add'.

    Auswirkung: Ctrl-Click zum drehen der Bauteile klappt…

  • Eagle 6.5 Design Link SSL error

    I saw this was a problem in older versions, but in 6.5.0 for Mac when I try to use Design Link to search for parts I get the following error:


    Error while accessing 'https://api.element14.com/pffind/services/SearchService':


    6 SSL handshake fail…

  • Issue with disappearing thermals and overlapping pads

    I'm designing a small board which is meant to be flexible in the choice of components. I have two SMD capacitors of a different size but connected to the same nets, and only one of them are to be populated in a single board.


    One pad is connected to…

  • File management in Control Panel



    there is one feature of Control Panel that I consider as a bug. If I edit the file name in Control Panel (which I do by pressing F2), only the displayed name is changed, but the file on disk stays under the old name.


    Here I state the scenario that…

  • Using the export image with a path with filenames?

    Hi, so im tired of exporting the PCB for home etching, by hiding layers, exporting, and showing them again, so i tried to make this script to do that for me. However, it has to export to a path in my dropbox, and my users folder, has a space in it, so…

  • Eagle 6.1 Crashes trying to make Gerber Output

    I am trying to get a board out to be fabbed and frelling new Eagle keeps crashing when I try and create the gerber output.


    I am using Eagle 6.1.0 under Windows 7 x 64 Pro.   The CAM file device I have selected is GERBER_RS274X. 


    When I press the Process Job…

  • Eagle 6.0.0 polygon filling and edge deletion problem



    Sorry - found another problem with 6.0.0 that wasn't there in 5.x.


    Basically, if you delete an edge rats-nested filled polygon, then the polygon doesn't visually update like it did in 5.11.0. Undo also suffers from problems too.


    Video is available…

  • Eagle 6.0 crashes when deletibg a net ... sometimes

    Here is a capture of an error I have received a number of times now.  It occurs occasionally when I delete a net.

    After you click OK the program crashes and all work prior to last save is lost..




  • EAGLE 9.2.2 creates cam, desing blocks, desing rules, libraries, spice and ulps directories in my project folder

    Its not critical, but is annoying, every time I execute EAGLE it creates these directories, anyone can help me?

  • Design Link Not Working