• Custom Flight Controller Design Help

    I am trying to design a flight controller for the Walkera line of drones. The F210, Runner 250 and so on, all use general flight controllers such as F3, CC3D, MultiWii. The problem is the way that they connect to the drone is by a 40 pin FPC cable. Now…

  • Unable to see the copper pour on the PAD though the thermels is off



    I am designing a power supply PCB I have a polygon covering the PAD of one of the ICs There are several small PADS and a big PAD. Now when polygon on the top of the small pads and have the thermals off I see that the polygon fills only the small PADS…

  • Trouble finding an NJM2360D Boost Converter EAGLE library

    I am doing a Senior Design Project for my Electrical Engineering degree. This project involves making a PCB. I am having trouble finding a specific library for EAGLE 7.7.0 software. The library that I need is for an NJM2360D Boost Converter. Does anyone…

  • Creating a multiple LEDs and a light-pipe intgrated component



    In my design I need to use the Dialight 4 LEDs light pipe model 5151048F http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/dialight/5151048F/350-2174-ND/1769776


    One option is to build a component that includes the 4 LEDs SMD pads and the light-pipe assembly…

  • How to save the file with Ratsnest.

    I use Polygon GND and  Ratsnest to make GND plate.. but when I reopen or sent the file to manufacture  Ratsnest is not enabled and GND unoconnected wire is nowhere. So they will print the board without GND. How to save the file like on the first image?

  • T05 not available in linear.lbr

    Hi there.


    First post here at Element14.

    According to this website, I would be able to find the T05A in the library linear. I have this library enabled, in use and also updated but I still can't find it when searching for it. I'm using Eagle 7.7.0 Maker…

  • How to fix consistency ERC errors?

    I am getting this error and cant find what is wrong. How to remove this error so board and schematic are synchronized?

  • EAGLE Guided Tour Parts 1 - 17

    Walking you through all the major steps of EAGLE


  • Dringend Hilfe !

    Würde jemand gegen ein kleines Kaffeegeld meine schaltung auf einer PLatine mithilfe von Eagle 7.3.0 realisieren und mir die Projektdateien zuschicken .
    Wäre sehr nett . ich würde dann die Schaltung per email zukommen lassen. Handelt um paar ICs ein Netzteil…