• Can this library part be made?

    I need a library part of a LED from LED Engin part LZ4-00MA00


    There is a dxf file available on the website.

    When  I use the import-dxf.ulp  I can't get polygons... only wires.


    Do I have to switch to another…

  • Library part for preamplifier and directional coupler

    I'm designing an RF coil for use in an MRI system, and I want to get my coil made into a PCB.  I was wondering if anyone had library parts made for the miniciruits PMA-5452+ preamp (case style DQ849) or the anaren X3C09P2-30S directional coupler? 

  • Rotary Encoder Library

    Does anyone know a rotary encoder EAGLE library that contains the Bourns ECW1-J or any other with a similar footprint?

  • i need help to calculate the output  voltage i want to find the final equation

    hi all friend

    i can't find the output equation of  output voltage of this is circuit

    can  anyone here guide me

  • First Post: How to hook up a bus to an array of devices?


         I am using 6.4.0 for Mac OS X, light edition.  I want to place a resistor array (R[1..4]) and connect it to specific nets in a bus (named BUS[1:20]).  I want to connect the terminals of R1 to BUS4 and BUS18 for example.  I know how to pull nets off…

  • Tyco Electronics Footprints para Eagle

    Buenas. Estoy diseñanado una placa de componentes con Eagle y necesito saber si existe alguna librería o página donde encontrar los footprints de los siguientes conectores de Tyco Electronics:


    - 215464-6

    - 188275-6

    - 5179029-2

    - 5177983-2


    Muchas gracias de…

  • EAGLE Library



    I am a beginner in using EAGLE.

    I downloaded eagle and treid to create a schematic.

    When I clicked the add part button, the library opened. But I couldn't get any library files. It is empty.


    How to get the library files?


    Thanks to anyone who is helping…

  • Is it possible to make long hole pad in Eagle ?

    Dear all,


    How can I make this kind of Pad (with long hole) in Eagle Library Editor ?


    Thanks for help,



  • Adding a ground to row of LEDs

    Hi all,


    I am trying to make a lid with rows of LEDs on it (connected in parallel). The setup is attached as a diagram of the PCB to this post, but mainly what I will be doing is attaching a voltage source to each potentiometer (it will act as a variable…

  • Auto Route (RipUp) Question.

    Hello everyone,




    I'm rather new to the eagle program, I've made some schemes, but not THAT many yet.


    I now am trying to make a "USB tester" (http://www.waitingforfriday.com/index.php/PIC_USB_Development_Board)


    I've made the scheme but now…

  • Custom Component Naming

    Hi All,


    I have created my own library of components for a project I'm working on and there are some components that I will be using more than one of.

    I was wondering is it possible to be able to name them so that when I put them down in the schematic…

  • Ideas for ULPs

    I've been wanting to start writing ULPs for functions which are not currently available in EAGLE. So I invite the EAGLE user community to post ideas for ULPs which help solve problems or are just plain cool. I'll look at the ideas the receive the most…

  • Product Improvement Suggestions: Shared Libraries, Pad Editor, ...

    Let me first say that Eagle is an excellent design tool and very reasonably priced.  I applaud you for multiplatform support.  Microsoft does not rule the world!




    One of the things I've found eternally frustrating about Eagle is trying to use common…