• Removing un-used signal names in .brd file in 6.2.0

    I like version 6 because one can paste other board layouts onto a new board without loosing the layout.Then, the parts that are not required for the new design can be deleted.


    However, I noticed that the .brd file was getting much larger than the schematic…

  • Eagle 6 and 5 on the same Mac?

    Hi there,

    Glad to see Eagle 6 is out. Does anyone know if installing it on the Mac on which I'm currently running Eagle 5 will overwrite anything? I'd like to give the freeware version a try before I buy the upgrade.



  • Eagle Software



    My name is Brian, and I am a new user of Eagle, for right now the free version.


    First question, is there any way to stop Eagle from carrying on point to point connections.   I am sure at times this is a very useful feature, but I need it to stop…

  • OrCAD sch to Eagle software

    To Richard Hammerl


    I am Shrinivas, I am a PCB designer, currently working an old pcb design software.

    Kindly  reply me for the bellow question.


    1. Can i import a OrCAD schematics directly to the EAGLE software?


    2. Can i import OrCAD .net (netlist) and

  • Suggestion for EAGLE

    EAGLE is the best PCB software package I've used so far, as It's easy to use, simple, and has a wide range of existing libraries. However, one thing that I'd really like to see included in it is some sort of 3D view. This is available on other packages…

  • automatisches fernhalten bei Leiterbahnenkreuzungen oder mindestabstand der Leiterbahnen

    Guten Tag,
    Ich habe ein kleines problem, bei dem ich bis jetzt keine Antwort gefunden  habe. vielleicht habe ich dies auch nur übersehen:
    Wie kann man einstellen, dass wenn man zb über eine andere  Leiterbahn Layoutet, dies automatisch verboten wird? also…
  • Nice Summary of CadSoft EAGLE product offering

    Click this link for a nice view nof the different configurations available for CadSoft Eagle Standard and Professional editions