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  • Components not available in ST Micro-electronics library?



    I want to import SPAC265BC12P0.30 AC-DC Switch to Eagle to design my PCB. But, it is not available in the library. How should I import it?



  • Set Attributes for package?

    Is there a way to set attributes for a package?

    Now that you can do 3d models, I'd like to set things like

      5mm height for all DIP08

      12mm height for all 0412V resistors

      4 mm height for all 0412_15 resistors


    etc, instead of doing them for individual parts…

  • Polygon

    Hi Everybody,

    I would like to make something like that :

    So I drew polygon around pins 8,9,21,22 and pad for L ( polygon and net name "SW")   -> OK

    I drew 2nd polygon named "GND" for all the card

    When calculated (by "rastnet"), polygons…

  • Hdmi to usb 2/3

    Well i am fairly new in electronics so forgive me if my question is too stupid to be explained...


    I have a new compact nikon digital camera with hdmi out the camera is capable to feed my tv with my footage in real time...Yet i cant find a way to use it…

  • Split project into two


    I have an Eagle project with schematic and board. The board is divided into two smaller boards, the "real" device and a separate debug board. I am now going into full scale manufacturing, so I would like to split the project so that I only send the…

  • Creating custom parts used as placeholders

    Hi all,


    I just started with Eagle and I am amazed how powerful this tool is.I would like to create custom pcb for my already existant parts like Arduino Nano, sensor boards and such.

    Process would be consisted of adding custom stuff that I have in library…

  • Anyone have a Eagle Cad lib for TI TMS320C6657 which is S-PBGA-N625?

    Anyone have a Eagle Cad lib for TI TMS320C6657 DSP which footprint is S-PBGA-N625?

  • Hide Components on Layers


    I'm putting components on both sides of a dual layer board, the problem is that the components are all overlapped and I cant really see what is happening - so I wonder if there is a way to hide the components on the bottom layers whilst I work on the…

  • PCB component name (hierarchical design)


    I'm making a design with Eagle 7.2.0 and using the hierarchy feature. In each hierarchic bloc, the name of each component starts from 1 (U1, U2, ...). The problem is on the PCB design, because the hierarchic bloc name is added in each component…

  • Find Library: MMCX Straight, PCB hole jack

    Dear All,


    I try to find a device: "MMCX Straight, PCB hole jack". But I only found "MMCX Straight, Edge Mount Jack - 50 Ohm" in "con-samtec" library, shown in the attached Figure.

    Does any one know where I can find a library…

  • Buscar empaque.

    Compré un relay identificado como HK4100F. He intentado con diferentes partesde Eagle pero no logro hacer coincidir las dimensiones en la PCB con las reales fisicas del componente. Como hago para hacer coincidir ambas partes?

  • I'm trying to add a MCP4921 DAC to my CAD design, but can't seem to find something that looks good in my libraries.  Any suggestions?

    Datasheet: http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/22248a.pdf


    Not sure if I need to download a new library or if there's something built in that has a similar enough case it will work for my PCB.  Thanks!

  • Eagle PCB generates wire origins in top copper?

    Hi there...can you please explain how to remove top copper origin and via X marks that have appeared in the top copper plot?  Thanks for any assistance!



  • Doubt on single/dual layer pads

    Hi guys, when I make a custom library I place pads for through hole components.

    On single layer I find pad only on bottom layer (of course) but when working on duble layer board I find pad on both layers (top and bottom).

    How can I set pad only for bottom…

  • Through Hole Component - 2 Layer Board

    I'm making a two layer board for the first time, and have come across a question regarding component placement.


    Say for example I have a through hole DC-DC converter. This converter has four pins and will be placed on the top of the board, therefore…

  • TO92 alternative footprint

    I'm trying to add some BC547B transistors which is TO-92 package. This transistor, and any other TO-92 package I purchase from element 14 has the pins single in line (SIL).


    However, seems all the transistors in the Eagle PCB libraries has a footprint…

  • First PCB order. Requesting Advice on Electrical Schematic.

    Other than the 10K Resistor that is not connected to anything, I am wondering if anyone can spot any issues with the schematic below?


  • Modifying ULPs - help appreciated

    hi, thanks for clicking. i've been doing some pcb design, and would like to panelise some. i've tried the panelize.ulp, which works kind of ok, but the label alignment is off and it defeats the object of using it if i then have to manually move all of…

  • Stopping TO-220 isolation

    I have a problem which is keeping me working over the holiday -the only thing keeping my board from fab.  I've "tried everything" and read every Googled forum, but can't find the problem addressed (everyone wants to insulate their TO-220, not the other…

  • Device pad layout not updating

    Hi all,


    I am reviewing a design I have made time ago, I have seen that a custom device's layout is not correct. After fixing it (within "package" in the my custom library), I'm trying to update the new layout into the .brd file. Unfortunately, with little…

  • Via

    Hello, can anyone tell me is the vias okay like this in the pic? Appreciate lots ^^

  • Footprint for a sim card holder to be used in eagle cad for a pcb layout of a sim 900 HELP


         Im trying to lay out a PCB for my sinor design project and dont have a foot print for a sim card holder the sim card holder i have can be found here C707 10M006 0492 Amphenol-Tuchel Electronics | 361-1021-6-ND | DigiKey  if anyone can direct me to…