• Cannot get 3D models to display and CS locks up

    I updated to 1.5.2 (Build 30) and when I open an existing project, everything comes up EXCEPT none of the 3D models display either in the PCB or the Library. If I edit the PCB for the part, the 3D overlay is clearly there on the footprint, and the correct…

  • Nets not transferring from schematic for IC

    I have created a part in the schematic library and placed it in the schematic. When I update the PCB it does not transfer the nets. How do I create a part with the nets?

  • Any way to print out multiple-page schematics into a single pdf ?

    Thanks for anyone who can help.

  • EdwinXP Design Files

    Can Circuit Studio open design files from the EdwinXP PCB Design Package?


    Is there a list of design files that Circuit Studio can open?


    Many thanks.

  • Global replacement of footprint -  can it be done?

    I have a problem in a footprint which is used more than 100 instances on the board.   Problems are in soldermask and paste layers.  What are the ways I can shorten the required repair time?  Thanks.

  • Place PCB footprints from the Altium Vault without creating a schematic

    I have board where I would like to place footprints included in the Altium Vault but without creating a schematic for the pcb.  Is there a way to simply place a footprint on to a pcb directly from the Vault?  All the online documentation I can find only…

  • Licensing woes

    Hi All,


    We purchased a license for Circuit Studio at the beginning of January. Unfortunately, the license was issued to the person who purchased it, not the engineer who will be using it (me).


    I've sent a few emails to software@element14.com with zero…

  • Import Protel Schematic 98 to Circuit Studio

    I have many schematic designs currently in Protel Schematic 98 format and would like to know if it is possible to import them into Circuit Studio.


  • circuit studio new component



    Im currently testing a trial version of CircuitStudio. we have a number of "modules" that we need to add to our PCB design, these are not components as such but we need to add them to our library of parts. I cannot figure out how to design a new…

  • Strange Behavior - Can't figure it out

    Trying to Interactively Route, none of my connections will complete, even though they are clearly shown on the schematic.

    If I try to update the PCB after a compile (compiles with no errors) I get a dialog which shows my Unmatched Nets.  The Unmatched Reference…

  • Pin designators / names are always visible in schematic

    Newbie, evaluating the free trial:


    When I place components from libraries I created myself (or imported from Eagle libraries and edited in some way), pin designators and -names are always shown in the schematic. While that is ok for an IC, it is a mayor…

  • circuitstudio problem opening altium designer pcb


    I have some designs built with Altium Designer 14.3.

    I am trying to open them in CircuitStudio.

    I can open and edit the schematics,

    make a new pcb,

    but not open an existing altium designer pcb.

  • Unable to route in Circuit Studio

    I'm using Circuit Studio to layout a board, and it seems to not recognize when I have routed to a pad. Although both the pad and the track have the same net name, when I click on a pad, the track does not complete. If I manually terminate the route, it…

  • Multipart components imported from Eagle

    I was using Eagle 6.6 up to now, and am presently evaluating CircuitStudio 1.52. An important aspect, of course, is importing existing Eagle projects, and, even more important, libraries. While this in general seems to work, there are a few issues / questions…

  • BOM won't recognize some parts



    I am a new user of CircuitStudio and I am having issues with getting the output generator to produce a BOM with all the parts in the schematic. The problem with trouble-shooting this issue is that it is random. Sometimes it won't recognize a transistor…

  • .PCBLib libraries won't open


    I am new user of CS and I am having problems with the .PCBLib libraries. Every time I try to open a library, CS crashes. My library files are stored here on my PC: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Altium\CS\Library. I am using CS installed on a HP Envy…

  • Can Circuit Studio do two boards in one project

    I need to do a stacked board design can Circuit Studio do this?




  • Copper pour is only poring my grounds ... Why?

    On my board when i pour the top side ground pour, the pour is only pouring my grounds.  Its does not relieve any of the other parts.  I have not had this problem before and don't know what i have messed up or how to fix it.



  • CircuitStudio search never finds anything!

    Apparently CS uses a far more advance user interface than my simple human intellect can understand!

    So I have an schematic page open, and I want to add a component. It's not in my installed libraries, so I'll check the vault....


    I open the Vault…

  • CS won't open PCB libraries

    For some reason I can't get CS to open a .pcblib footprint library. The .schlib libraries are fine and they show the footprint associated with the part. I've tried restarting the sw but that didn't help. I removing and then adding the library back to…

  • changing layers while routing in circuit studio 1.5

    Working in Circuit Studio 1.5. Perhaps I'm doing this wrong. When I start interactive routing on layer 1, I the hit the tab key and I get a popup window with options. There is a drop menu where I select layer 2. I would expect that would be the way to…

  • CS license not working

    I am in a bit of a problem with my circuit Studio. It is failing validation. My license is valid till 20th Dec. But I am unable to log in. I even requested a password reset and it seems there is an issue with this as well.



    I have recently procured AD19…

  • Samacsys Library Loader

    I have been using the Samacsys library loader for importing libraries from Mouser. The ability to download and use libraries for components that I am sourcing has been invaluable and for the most part has been working great. Unfortunately there seems…

  • Drill Symbol limit exceeded - CircuitStudio 1.5



    I´ve a problem when I generate gerber files from CircuitStudio 1.5 for a complex PCB.


    In the process to generate gerber files, the CircuitStudio launch the next message error:


    "Drill Symbol limit exceeded. System will switch to letter generation"…

  • Drill File Crosshair

    Good day,

    I am sending my first PCB to a manufacturing house and have a small problem. When I output Gerber files for the drill guide. The holes are displayed as cross-hairs. My ''Fabhouse'' wants the Gerber file to be displayed as round holes. I am not…